BMJA seeks apology from CSK member for defamatory post against Kashmir media fraternity

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/12/2017.

SRINAGAR, DEC 28: Broadcast & Multimedia Journalists Association (BMJA) Kashmir while taking strong note of defamatory and provocative Facebook post of a member of Civil Society Kupwara (CSK) against media fraternity of valley that triggered debate has termed it condemnable.

BMJA called it unwarranted and an attempt to discredit the role of media in Kashmir besides spreading hatred and inciting people against the media persons who are working in extreme tough condition here.  

Pertinently Showkat Masoodi, who claims to be a social worker and is a member of Civil Society Kupwara (CSK) on 26, December wrote on his facebook wall, “Most probably I am joining media. Because when primary class people can act as media persons, then why can’t I ?.  Need of the hour for CSK”.

As per the 16 page discussion on facebook (copy of which is in possession of BMJA), minute after the post, scores of people (users) start reacting, followed by the provocative replies from Masoodi, triggering debate.

BMJA feels it a responsibility to take its stand to correct the negative perception provoked by some self interested persons regarding the noble profession.

Masoodi’s post forced many journalists, bureaucrats, academicians and leaders to write about the factuality of his interpretation and wrong notion being set in the Kashmir society against the fraternity.    

BMJA insists that one has to differentiate between the levels of journalism before calling anyone a journalist or then latter generalizing the personal experience if any. Adding that, no one has any moral or legitimate right to defame journalism due to their misconceptions about Journalism.

BMJA said that terming media persons of Kashmir as ‘primary class people’ is highly condemnable and disrespect to the whole fraternity. BMJA lashes out at Masoodi being irresponsible as a member of a civil society of Kupwara and to speak venoms against the media persons of Kashmir in his latter comments. 

BMJA believes that there are black sheep in any profession but misleading people regarding the fourth pillar of democracy (i.e Media) is not only irresponsible act but destructive for society.

BMJA said that the defamatory post of Masoodi also provoke people to call media persons unemployed, uneducated brigade and Hafta Wasooli profession. BMJA seeks an immediate apology of civil society Kupwara and Masoodi for his irresponsible comments.

BMJA also seeks attention of civil society of Kashmir (CSK) to look into the matter as how a member of civil society disregards the entire media fraternity publically on a social platform.   

“Media persons in Kashmir are working in extreme conditions, more often putting their lives in danger besides caught in crossfire between masses and ruling establishment. How can anyone discredit the role of journalists or make mockery of the fraternity in Kashmir without knowing the stories of these story tellers”, BMJA spokesperson said.

“Kashmir has scores of dedicated and prominent journalists across the globe to its credit. Our young journalists are also achieving new heights in the profession”, he said.  BMJA said that the contributors, reporters, camera-persons of any news organization from far flung areas or district headquarters are ‘hero’s’ who reach any news worthy spot to gather information in the interest of public.

BMJA further slams Masoodi for provoking people to call respectable editors ‘Hafta Wasooli’ Mafia and noble profession a ‘business’ in Kashmir.

BMJA also urges members of Press Club of Kashmir, Editors Guild Kashmir and other journalists, video journalists associations to safeguard the noble profession and respect of the fraternity in the society. BMJA appeals fraternity to be vocal about the issues pertaining to the media persons, ethics and notion so that the faith, expectation of society remains intact.