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By Fast Kashmir on 30/12/2017.

Riyan Rashid Khandey

Department of Law

University of Kashmir

It is now we entered the year 2018 with new opportunities and dreams. People will make 

future resolutions, what they could not achieve in the year 2016 and 2017; they might get that in 

the year 2018. But how the past two years will go off-track, people of Kashmir will remember it 

till doomsday. How we can forget the miseries and pain which these two years brought forth. 

Our minds will never get deleted with the terrible memories. The year, 2016 staged the doleful 

theater and screened the plays of pathos. How we as an audience could get rid from “catharsis”. 

It was indeed a typical “Aristotelian” theater. How we could had a time to alienate or detach 

ourselves from the stage. Keeping with some political analysts, the year 2016 could be called as 

the “death year” for PDP. An abbreviation PDP (people’s democratic party) may now stand 

“peoples detested party” or we can say” peoples disliked party”. The way it behaved and treated 

the people during the latest “intifada” is an eye opener for PDP. The promises which it especially 

Mehbooba ji had made to the people were all dashed. Her lip service proved that she was all talk 

and no trousers. Once upon a time, she was treated by the people as a real “Mehbooba”. People 

considered her party as “panen party” (their own party) during the assembly election. The way 

she galvanized the masses was awesome. Before, the election she was beating the chest and was 

up in arms against the atrocities and killings of the year 2010. The innocent people, who are not 

politically conscious, felt that their wait is now over, they have found “Maseeha” (helper) which 

was indeed their Mehbooba. Her agenda (Healing touch) impressed the people and they find a 

flash of hope in her seductive speeches as compared to others (NC or Cong.). That is the reason 

people voted and supported her party in letter and spirit during the election. Some critics are of 

the view, that Hurriyat (separatists) and especially, the social, religious and political organization 

took a soft stand against the PDP and helped it during the election. Such propaganda was further 

vindicated by late Mufti Syed in his speech which he delivered on the oath ceremony. His 

praising the Hurriyat and Pakistan for helping in smooth elections speaks volumes and is still an

ambiguity. In short we can say that PDP was off course the darling of the crowd and people of 

Kashmir elected it with a great expectation.

Now, looking towards the current unrest, 2016, the way PDP played its role was a great 

jolt for the whole Kashmir. It ruined their hopes and expectations. It unmasked the real picture of 

PDP, exposed their agenda of “Healing touch”. Also, it revealed the real identity of Mehbooba ji. 

But the pain is that it reminded the mother, her only son who was killed in cold blood in the year 

2008, it reminded the brother, his sister who was molested and raped by the Indian Army, and it 

reminded the father, his son who was killed by an Indian Army, who tried to save the modesty of 

his sister. It refreshed the memory of a wife; her darling husband had gone to a market to bring 

her clothes but did not come back. Above all, it reminded us Afzal, Maqbool, Wamiq, Asiya, 

Nelofar, Tabinda Gani etc. It goes without saying, that indeed it was the pain of last twenty 

–seven years which people expressed. 

It was the genuine and spontaneous reaction against the Indian atrocities. It was the 

“lava” of miseries which got burst and shook the whole globe. These were the pent up emotions 

which people gave vent but the matter of fact is that it helped us to realize the political truth that 

“tyranny creates revolution” or “Cruel regime breeds insurrection“. In fact, it is a natural 

phenomenon that when emotions are suppressed or natural outlet is being obstructed, these 

(emotions) gets transform into secrecy and there comes destructive energy and “Orc” is born. It 

agrees with the PDP, the way it blocked emotional passage of the people of Kashmir during the 

unrest and interfered into the religious matters, has damned PDP forever. Since, the PDP came 

into power, there were hype of controversial issues like, sanik colonies, Pundit Township, 

screening test of ReT’s, Domicile certificates to western Pakistan refugees etc. opposition has 

also lashed out time and again at PDP for messing up the situation in Kashmir and blamed it for 

having lust of power. When it comes to power, Mrs. Mehbooba, resembles to a Milton’s satin (a 

dominant character in paradise lost) as far the power, authority and ambition is concerned. De 

facto, Mehbooba ji recited these Miltonic lines during the unrest; 

 “To reign is an ambition, even in hell

 Better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven “

Year 2017 is not less cruel than 2016. The history of pains got repeated in 2017 again. A huge 

number of civilian killings was recorded. Be it during protests, encounter sights or of those who 

were killed in the name of unknown gunmen. 

In fact, Mehbooba Ji launched Ujala scheme, in order to bring back Ujala (light) of the pellet 

victims, whose “Ujala” (eye sight) she has snatched through the use of lethal weapons in the past 

year’s unrest. Furthermore to conclude that Scotty bikes will neither emancipate the fair gender 

nor will it empower the women, who have been molested and raped by the Indian Army. 

However, I am cocksure and hopeful that the honorable C.M will introspect and start a new 

political career and make the year, 2018 a “Healing touch” year.