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By Fast Kashmir on 27/12/2017.

Rameez Makhdoomi

Srinagar, Dec 26 : Drug abuse and other related vices are damaging to the growth of any society. Over the past few decades the evils like Drug abuse have taken a menacing shape in Kashmir. But despite the normal hue and cry, negativity there are personalities who are putting great efforts to cleanse the society from these bad habits.

Downtown Srinagar is heart of ethos of Kashmir. The KNB team meet such youth who are via their efforts are presenting a shining example to fight abuses and evils. From organizing sports events to sessions of knowledge they are rendering valuable efforts.

Advocate Sheikh Yasir Dalaal is one such prominent downtown youth. He states “Due to painful situations several ills have crept in our society and we as youth of Kashmir are determined to take our society towards betterment .Awakening the youngsters about our great civillizational traits, organizing meaningful activities is the need of the hour and we are diverting our energies and efforts in this regard so that we shape a better Kashmir.”

“There is high need to combat the fast spreading menace of drug addiction in Kashmir, if effective measures were not taken at social level to curb this menace it will have dangerous consequences on our value system. A good thing is that society has started waking up to end the drug abuse which is eating up our future generations,” said S. Manzoor a local Businessman who organized the Shaheed-e-Milat T20 Cricket Tournament in downtown.

Qazi Tauseef is another bright example, being an entrepreneur from Downtown Srinagar he is contributing his bit to envisage a better Kashmir. “Our youth are no less talented and are scoring brilliantly in global level competitions. We are via organizing Sports activities trying to keep our youth fit and also organizing sessions for them so that they develop good values like respecting elders. There are many challenges but we are determined to meet them all via our united efforts.”

“At a time when people of Kashmir particularly youth are facing mental trauma due to the political uncertainty It’s good to that youth are indulging in sports activities. To maintain physical and mentally well being of our youth we had organized a cricket tournament in downtown which saw the participation of hundreds of youth,” said Sahil Ahmad a youth from old city.

The sane pulse is that beyond all the gloom and doom of the situation and realities related to social vices and other problems faced by the Kashmiri society surely there are youth who are determined to rid Kashmir from all forms of evils and are determined in this regard. (KNB)

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