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By Fast Kashmir on 31/12/2017.

Blames PDP-BJP for failing people on every count

Verinag, Dec 31 : Stating that the ruling dispensation of PDP BJP is responsible for the uncertainty and anguish among the people in all the three regions of the State, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir today said that the coalition partners (PDP BJP) after securing votes from the people failed them on every count leading to the restlessness and confusion in the entire State, he was addressing a day long political convention of Prominent Activists and Delegates of Dooru assembly Segment at Veerinag today.
Addressing the convention, G. A. Mir hit out at Centre and State Govt for the deteriorating situation in the State and blamed both for failing to create an atmosphere of peace, as a result, country & the State is passing though very crucial phase leading to the deep alienation among people. People are subjected to mental torture by the State Govt in order to hide its failures, for the fact, PDP BJP has miserably failed to deliver. The misrule and mismanagement on their part has added woes to the people, there seems no end to uncertainty prevailing in the State.
G.A. Mir said all the promises made to the people by PDP and BJP after securing votes from them on sensitive issues, have fallen flat, people have realized that they have been misled very badly on the AoA between PDP BJP, Unemployment has risen considerably, developmental process started by the UPA I & UPA II has come to standstill, lack of policy on the part of State Govt has disturbed the socio political scenario of the State.
Censuring both PDP BJP for failing to come up to the expectations of the people, G.A. Mir said people in all the three regions have realized that their vote to PDP BJP inspite of bring respite has brought miseries to them, they have also realized they have been forced to vote by playing with their emotions, which is indicative of the double standards, betrayal on the part of PDP BJP, as a result there is great disappointment among the people in all the three regions, he said.
Expressing serious concern over the difficulties confronting people, G.A. Mir said that people who voted for PDP had great expectations, as that, they had been made to understand that this Party (PDP) only will stop BJP RSS from making inroads in the valley, besides withdrawal of troops ,safeguarding special Status and what not PDP has promised to people, but in return people were responded with pellets, bullets, blindness and unaccounted PSAs, which is responsible for the prevailing deteriorating situation in the valley.
Mentioning that Congress party will not compromise on the urges and aspirations of the people, G.A. Mir said that the Congress stands committed to respect the urges and aspirations of the people and it will never allow PDP BJP to play with the emotions of the people for sake of electoral gains, but at the same time, G.A. Mir said people will not trust these parties again, who have secured votes from them by exploiting them.
Referring to the Panchyat Election in the State, G.A. Mir blamed PDP BJP for undermining the authority of democratic institutions of the State for personal benefit saying that they are trying to thrust Panchayat Elections in a hurry without taking care of the security of candidates, I want to ask the Chief Minister as to what steps her Govt is taking to ensure security of people participating in the democratic process. He said Congress Party is ready to participate in the democratic process, but we also like to ensure safety and security of the people. Ironically PDP ensured deferment of Anantnag Parliamentary Elections with the fear of losing the seat to Congress citing the reason as deteriorating situation now the Govt is thrusting panchayat elections on the people I want to ask the Chief Minister when Situation was not conductive at the time of Parliamentary Elections, how can she claim that situation is conductive now, I don’t think there is any change in the situation. We will continue to strengthen the democratic initiation of the State to ensure development of the people at grass root level. G.A. Mir said.
He said Congress party has always taken care of urges and aspirations of the people, while having worked as a bridge between the people and the regions, but this Govt is doing everything to divide the regions, rather they have created regional imbalance inorder to intact their vote banks, but I want to tell both PDP BJP that people have decided to oust both of them, for the fact, they have seen darkest days of PDP BJP rule, he felt confident that people will vote them out of power in the coming elections.
Referring to the regularization of 60,000/ registered Casual Labours, G.A. Mir said that the State Govt is misleading people on regularization of casual Labours, what is the logic behind enhancing the wages of these poor people, when their services are not been regularized, State Govt should stop misleading people on this count, enhancing wages doesn’t mean regularization of services. Those who have been working in the departments since decades should get the service benefit they deserve.
Referring to the uncertainty in the Country, G.A. Mir told the convention that people not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in other State were living in fear due to wrong and anti-people policies of the Narinder Modi Govt, which is responsible for causing huge damages to the secular fabric in the Country aiming to remain in power, but BJP must understand that India have always been Secular will defeat the designs of BJP RSS hell bent upon to create confusion and fear psychosis among the people especially minorities. He appealed the people of the Country to rise to the occasion and defeat the divisive politics of BJP.
G.A. Mir added that ruling dispensation in the State is banking on politics of deceit exploited people on various counts, he promised that Congress party will expose the PDP BJP and will make them accountable and answerable to people..
PCC President also urged upon the Party Cadres to launch a door to door campaign against the anti people policies of the Govt and work hard to resolve the problems confronting people
Among others who addressed the convention included PCC Vice President Mohd Anwar Bhat, MLA Gulzar Ahmad Wani, Spokesperson Farooq Andrabi, Ali Mohd Mantoo, Gh. Mohi Din Bhat, Peer Shahbaz, Iqbal Ahanger, and others
Those who were present on this occasion included IYC Secy Abid Kashmiri, Gulam Mohd Mir, Mohd Iqbal Mir, Irfan Ahmad Bhat,Fayaz Ahamad Dar, Maroof Ahmad Wani, Ab. Rashid Lone, Syed Rafiq, Khursheed Ahmad Rather, Tariq Mohi U Din, Ajay Bharti and others. (KNS)