G A Mir addresses Party workers at Khanabal

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/12/2017.

G A Mir addresses Party workers at Khanabal
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Describes PDP-BJP a complete failure

Srinagar, Dec 19 : Congress today castigated State Govt for failing to ensure facilities required by the people during these days of harsh winter saying that the erratic power supply has added woes to people, it seems that people are being punished under the garb of electricity and other essentials required. Congress also blamed the Govt for misleading people on various counts, as that, State Govt has miserably failed to fulfill the promises made to the people.
Addressing daylong meeting of Congress Party workers at Khanabal Anantnag today, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) G.A. Mir lashed out at ruling dispensation for adopting wrong approach towards the people saying that problems confronting people in all the three regions were not being addressed, citing the reason as misrule and mismanagement on the part of PDP BJP.
He expressed serious concern over the problems confronting people in all the three regions especially in Kashmir where Winter season is at a peak, going to be harsher in coming days, as a result, people are facing hardships on every count despite that the attitude of the Govt is very unfortunate deserves condemnation, the ruling dispensation has crossed all limits of discrimination with people, there seems to be no end to miseries of people, G.A. Mir said.
He said state Govt is only making tall claims with regard to resolution of problems in every respect, the fact of the matter is that Govt is not serious, as a result few inches of snow sometime back in valley exposed the tall claims of the Government.
Referring to the socio-political scenario obtaining in the State G.A. Mir said that the situation in the valley is worsening day by day due to the wrong policies of the Govt and there seems to be no end to tempestuous situation as a result people were living in fear, feeling insecure. He stated that the unholy alliance between PDP BJP is responsible for the uncertainty in valley.
Adding that people have realized what they have achieved during the three years rule of PDP BJP, which has proved costly to the state, G.A. Mir said the day is not far when people in all the three regions will give a befitting reply to both PDP BJP by casting their vote against the unholy alliance.
On this occasion Congress President urged upon the Cadres to remain steadfast in service of the people, for the fact, Congress is not only a political organization, but an instrument of service to the people and it will continue to serve people to the best of it’s ability.
He urged upon the Govt to ensure adequate supply of electricity and other essentials to people keeping in view the winter season.
Among others who addressed the meeting included Mohd Iqbal Mir, Mohd Iqbal Ahanger, Peer Shabaz and others senior leaders of the District. (KNS)