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By Fast Kashmir on 24/12/2017.

A miniature of the world

Dwell of grieves and afflictions

Devoted myself a follower of Islam

Yearn for pure and piety mould
Five times a day chance to be blessed

Comings and goings here of a victim mover

Wafting in fear of hell and hereafter

Tears trickle confer me redressed
Apartheids left me in dole and dilemma

Dawned in new thought of disaster

Invoking and searching are life factors

Put me in world of kind and kalima
Realised when myself bring to Quran

Deeply found single Quran and single Deen

Islam reigned over beloved and weary ones

Conferred, conquered and cared of every clan
Loyalty and fairly single motto

Hunt for prompted and pretty life

Mind  and heart duo docking

Leave me to abide virtuous ditto..
Author is a research scholar from Kuchmullah  Tral