Illegal sale of LPG cylinders continues unabated in Anantnag District

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/12/2017.

Sameer Kashmiri

Anantnag, Dec 29: the illegal refilling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is turning out to be a highly profitable business in the Anantnag District and those involved in the illegal trade mint huge profit. The activity increases during winters in Kashmir, mostly in towns and cities.

LPG is illegally transferred from a cooking gas cylinder to any other cylinder for domestic and commercial purposes. The district authorities are aware of the illegal practice in the town but nothing concrete has been done so far. From LPG delivery vendors to roadside motor mechanics, LPG-fitted vehicle owners, dhaba’s, hotels, restaurants and fast food joints, every other person is equipped with tools to refill the fuel.

“It is an irony that whiles a common man is not given a single cylinder, the dealers manage to get 10 to 15 cylinders.” Abdulul Hameed, a consumer told Kashmir News Bureau . “Actual price of a gas cylinder is Rs 765, but black marketers sell it at exorbitant rates.”

“As people have no other option and there is no other alternative to the cooking purpose, they pay more,” he added.
The use of domestic gas for commercial purpose goes unabated in the city and no one is held accountable for it though it goes against the rules set by Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution.
“A good number of government offices in Anantnag are now using domestic gas cylinders for heating purpose,” Ghulam Hassan, a consumer told.

“Why the CAPD is not taking steps to prevent such misuse of the LPG,” he questioned.
Meanwhile sources from Dialgam, Kamad, Wanihama, Brinty, Pethabug Schichen, Larkipora and Vessu told to Kashmir News Bureau that one year back the Govt had announced the rate and subsidy of LPG cylinders of Rs 765 per cylinder in valley but the dealers violate the govt norms and charge Rs 860 per cylinder from consumers.
Sources added that these villages became the hub of Black Marketing but nothing has been done from the administration, they added.

However, a senior official in FDO told Kashmir scenario: “We have already told gas distributors to maintain record of every cylinder they receive from fuel companies,” he said. “Our officials are conducting random checks. The agencies should be able to furnish details during the checks. Failure to furnish details or those found with unaccounted for cylinders could face strong action,’’ added he.
Meanwhile we contacted to Assistant Director Food but his cell number was out of reach. (KNB)