Jammu Kashmir Ummat e Islami organizes Sit in Protest in support of Jerusalem, Demands the release of Political Prisoners

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/12/2017.

Jammu Kashmir Ummat e Islami organizes Sit in Protest in support of Jerusalem, Demands the release of Political Prisoners

Traders, Civil Society, Bar Association Joins Sit In.

Islamabad/Anantnag, Dec 23: Jammu Kashmir Ummat e Islami today organized a sit in protest to demand the release of political prisoners. Besides the Chairman of Ummat e Islami, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir, the members of Ummat e Islami religious wing, Political wing and organizers attended the meeting. The members of Civil Society, Bar Association Islamabad, Traders Association and Transporters also joined the sit in to register their protest against the continuous detention of Sarjan Barkati and other political prisoners.

The Meeting was also called in support of Palestinian people and the decision of the U.S to shift Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The participants of the meeting unanimously condemned the hegemony of the United States and said that the Americans have always wanted to spread their capitalist mindset over the world and that is why war and pain still exist in the world. He said the world community has given a befitting response to the capitalist regime and the results of the vote prove there is still humanity left in the world. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that it is an apt time for Kashmiri volunteers to gear up online to uplift the plight of Kashmiris and tell the world the tragedies that befall our nation day in and day out. “It is the time to make the world hear the cries of wailing Kashmiri mothers and children crying in pain,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir demanded the release of Sarjan Barkati and said the state is in a political vendetta against Barkati as his voice ran deep into the hearts of people of South Kashmir which once happened to be a hub of some pro establishment group. Barkati’s continuous detention even after more than a year is nothing, but a frustration of the local Government, Mirwaiz said. He said if India is serious about dialogue and wants a goal centric dialogue process, the initial pretext to it is, the release of Political prisoners including Ghulam Qadir Bhat, Mohammed Qasim Faktoo, Shafi Shariyati, Misbah Ahmed, Fayaz Talaq and others. He said the youth booked under the charges of stone pelting like Irfan Petrol, Aatif Hassan, Mohammed Asif shall also be released.

Mirwaiz Yasir reiterated that dialogue process to contain the ground protests will yield no good. “All principal parties including Pakistan, India and Kashmir should sit on the dialogue table and resolve the dispute for a better future of Kashmiris and peace in the sub continent region.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that Indian State should stop interfering in the religious affairs of Muslims and stop telling us what is good or bad, be it the food we eat or be it the wives we choose. “The matter of Triple Talaq is something Muslims have to build consensus upon, people like Modi and Yogi who have no clue about the full Spelling of Islam, should not pronounce good or bad to us,” Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said.

Advocate Fayaz Sodagar, the president of Bar Association Islamabad in his speech said that going to prisons is a part and parcel of our struggle to self determination, but it is our right to demand the release of those who are caged in our jails to demand our better future.

The Members of Trade Union also addressed the gathering and demanded that the political prisoners be released if any solution was to be reached at or if India was serious about dialogue.

Later the District president of Ummat e Islami, Moulana Reyaz Ahmed and member Irshad Attari offered Fateh Khwani to Kashmir martyrs and prayed for the Freedom of Kashmiri Nation from oppression.