Jerusalem Fine, When Will you hear the Cries of Wailing Kashmiris?: Mirwaiz Yasir asks International Community

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By FK WEB DESK on 22/12/2017.


Islamabad/Anantnag, Dec 22:  The Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir addressing people at historical Jamia Masjid of Islamabad called the recent killings as outrageous. The Mirwaiz Said that Kashmir has been converted into a virtual jail and people are being killed day in and day out.

“Laws like AFSPA are surely a problem, but without AFSPA also the troops kill and hunt,” Mirwaiz said. It is visible from the fact, that enquiry has been ordered into all the incidents but the enquiries and investigations yield nothing, Mirwaiz said. Mirwaiz said the troops are witch hunting Kashmiris and on the other side are beating the drums of peace and talks. “People in Kashmir have grown doubtful to the entire process of dialogue and now it is tough to contain the ground situation which is drifting away from the hands of India,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

Mirwaiz welcomed the support of International Community on the Jerusalem Issue and said Turkey and other Muslim Nations played a Key role in showing their dissent against U.S and Israel. He said the International Community has to wake up for the plight of Kashmiris who are being slaughtered day in and day out, thrown into prisons and blinded every day. Mirwaiz said that the brutal use pellet gun continues till date even though it has come under criticism from International community and Human Rights groups. He said now is the time for the international players to listen to the genuine plight of Kashmiri people.

Mirwaiz condemned the unabated arrests that the State has been making throughout Kashmir. He said that Youth from South to North have been arrested and are being booked under Public Safety Act and exiled from home. He said the arrests cannot stop anything as the sentiment has grown and transited into a new generation and shall henceforth transit into the next one and till the dawn of Freedom the struggle shall continue.

He also demanded the release of Political Prisoners including Sarjan Barkati and others and aid glowing tributes to the martyrs of Shopian and Kupwara.