Job fair programmes lack proper and honest mechanism 

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/12/2017.

Job fair programmes lack proper and honest mechanism 
Srinagar, Dec 08: The alienation and anger of Kashmiri youth is on rise courtesy apathy of the state government and inefficient handling of youth affairs. In the name of handling and answering youth problems mockery is being made.
Recently the state Government advertised with pomp and show announced that it is going to conduct Job Fair which turned a mockery show like advertisement of loan and inconsequential information.
Mir Anayat, a National Security Student while talking to Kashmir News Bureau stated -“The youth of Kashmir is totally alienated from the Government and backdoor entries, useless programmes have become order of the day .
Those who do not have knowledge are introduced as experts to address youth issues and the programmes called in name of addressing burning problems of youth turn into loan melas thus making mockery of youth aspirations.
Only those who are already established are further promoted and those who need attention are left out.
From plight of our government schools to misdirected programmes and to employ incompetent blue eyed youth to influential posts is hurting the youth progress .”
According to expert voices the public outreach programme of Chief Minister will bear fruits only when on ground proper and honest vision is shown to address the burning issues of youth.
Many voices maintain that growing youth alienation and anger is among main reasons behind rise in militancy in Kashmir. (KNB)