Kashmir a paradisical place

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/12/2017.

Kashmir a paradise on earth

It is this, it is this, it is this from birth
In hills and mountains juggled in green

Plants and meadows pattened in sheen
Birds flying and rounding in happy mood

Nectar loving breathing it as a dude
Gujars and bakerwals flocking up and high

Herds and flocks grazing fill-belly and sigh
Peers and Faqeers meditate and wailing in solitude

All devotees lend ear to pleas in gratitude
Visiting foreigners feeling zest and in flow

Hospitality and way showing are public glow
Breeze in cool infuses life into dead

Walking and playing of children is a lead
A paradise of cool and calm living place

Giving kashmirian respect, prosperity and solace
Kashmir a Paradise also a great bounty of nature

Trust we can’t get again this lusture.