Kashmir customers beware of packed bakery items

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/12/2017.

Kashmir customers beware of packed bakery items

Srinagar, Dec 22,: A couple of customers have alleged that a Rajbagh based company that manufactures bread has been stamping wrong manufacturing and Expiry dates on the packets.

    A customer said that few days back the manufacturing date stamped on the packet of bread, which was available for purchase on December 11, was December 13, two days ahead of packing date.

    Netizens uploaded the pictures on social media criticizing the company. The bread has been manufactured by Woodland Food Industries.

   “I noticed the packing date only when I found the bread very hard. I was hungry and tried to consume it but found the bread hard,” said a customer.

    “It is an attempt by the manufacturer to cheat the public, and we want Food Safety and Legal Metrology Departments to look into the matter,” said customers

 “It’s a way of gaining an extra day to sell the product before its expiry date,” they said.

   When contacted, the owner of the Bakery Unit feigned ignorance and said the allegations are baseless. (CNS)