Kashmir: New Hope for Militant Families 

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/12/2017.

Sadaf Khursheed
Srinagar 04 Dec: From last 26 years Kashmir witnessed the conflict and Violence in the name of freedom or by religion. Almost every Kashmiri is directly or indirectly involved in the war zone state.
On one side young boys are involved in militancy and leaving everything behind, choosing a way which don’t have uturn. Tech savvy boys have taken the social media by storm by uploading their photographs with AK-47 rifles. Being hailed as heroes of the masses there is a separate side of the story which mostly remains out of focus from the society “pain of mother”. The trail of these families go through while their sons are out fighting is unimaginable.
 But recently a new face of militancy has taken place. The surrender of Majid Irshad Khan a footballer turned militant has fused a new hope in the families who wish there sons come back and live a normal life. Most of the people are hailing this decision a welcome step as according to them only a mother know the pain of his son.
Touseef Raina, a social activist stated- “Youth should avoid the path of violence, it can only lead to more bloodshed and bring miseries to people. Only through peaceful means we can achieve our goals”.
Many officials are taking this development as Ghar wapsi as killing in encounters for them is  not peaceful solution. 
“Two more boys shunned the path of violence and returned home who went astray and joined the ranks of militants. Welcome back home!”  Director General of Police (DGP) SP Vaid. Tweeted
But according to some sources these militants were not on list and they did not surrender but were apprehended by the police from maternity hospital Anantnag and a Chinese pistol was recovered from them. (KNB)