Kashmir’s Levdora presents shining example for humanity

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/12/2017.

Kashmir’s Levdora presents shining example for humanity

Srinagar, Dec 28: 40-year-old Kashmiri Pandit lady Baby Koul died on Sunday, hundreds of villagers turned up at the funeral at Levdora village in south Kashmir. Moving scenes were witnessed as Women were wailing and crying over the death of their neighbour. The tragedy was much grave in nature as Koul has left behind four children, as the siblings had lost their father just a year ago.

Despite being the lone Pandit family in the village, the orphaned children say they don’t feel alone. The village has come together to adopt them and take care of their needs.
“People are very nice here and they take good care of us. Our neighbours are very good. They helped us when our father died and they are helping us when our mother has died,” said Sushil Koul, son of Baby Koul to media.
When much propaganda, noise has been heard to dismiss the people of Kashmir as extremists this development shows what the true ethos and spirit of Kashmir is like.

Levdora village has shown to the world that Kashmir is still bright example of tolerance , amity and communal harmony .The way village has come forward to help the orphaned children shows that in this age of rising troubles , destruction everything is not lost and we can still prepare a path towards a greater prosperous and peaceful world .We hope the entire JK state follows levdora and becomes a shining example in our region. At this moment we should salute people of levdora .” Stated Vaneet Pandit a prominent kashmiri Pandit Youth from South Kashmir’s Qazigund.

What Levdora has done gave hopes that such bright happenings might entail a positive coming times for Kashmir. “ We have been one of the prominent places of human civilization and when it comes to amity, peace, brotherhood Kashmir was always a shining example and it is only the painful circumstances that adversely impacted us,” stated Manzoor Ahmad, a local youth.(KNB)