Lack of Industrial Knowledge impacting Industrial Picture of Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/12/2017.

Lack of Industrial Knowledge impacting Industrial Picture of Kashmir
Srinagar, Dec 07: In today’s age the industrialization forms the essential part of economy of  every state .
The knowhow of industries or simply the knowhow of entrepreneurship has formed an important part of current era of industrialization.Knowledge entrepreneurship or the industrial knowledge and it also describes the ability to recognize or create an opportunity and take action aimed at realizing the innovative knowledge practice or product.
According to the experts in Kashmir the lack of industrial knowhow is adversely impacting the industrial picture of the kashmir valley. According to these voices the District Industrial Centres are direly lagging technical personal that could provide them all important awareness about the projects in which they can put in their investment.
Manzoor Ahmad ,a prospective entrepreneur said, “We do not have what can be termed as quality industrial knowledge centers in Kashmir  I have found the department of industries which is entrusted with the development and promotion of industries in our part of the world have a very short-sighted view of industrialization and do not do anything to educate the entrepreneurs. “
On the otherhand of the spectrum, The District Industrial Centres which are also known as DIC’s lag the quality resource personal who could prove beneficial in guiding the prospective entrepreneurs and industrialists about the different realms of entrepreneurship and industrialization so that they can invest in the industries .This lack of quality industrial knowhow is direly impacting the industrial picture in our part of the world.”
Realities call upon the state authorities to employ adequate manpower in the District Industrial Centres and also employ the resource personal who could educate efficiently the young and budding industrialists and entrepreneurs in our part of the world. (KNB)