Let everybody celebrate New-year, Kashmiris are waiting to celebrate

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/12/2017.

Let everybody celebrate New-year, Kashmiris are waiting to celebrate

Syed Karar Hashmi

The inhabitants living in the state of Jammu and Kashmir need more
peace, Justice and rights than any other individual living in other
part of the world. In the beginning of every year people of Kashmir
pray for eternal peace, tranquility, brotherhood and wellbeing of
everybody.  It is a place where Muslims are celebrating Diwali and
Hindus Eid. What happened that nobody is listening us and our voice is
been muzzled and dumped?  Had not Kashmir been called as the Paradise
on earth?  Why land of Rishis and Sufis (Peerveri) in contemporary
times called as flush point between India and Pakistan. Some even
called my motherland as the big prison and some even called it
Vulnerable and disturbed state. Due to the tag of Disturbed State,
India has implemented draconian law rather anti human Armed Forces
Special Power Act (AFSPA) in our state with an intention to fight
against terrorism.

At the end of the day, common people (Aam Aadmi) hit the worst from
both sides whether we talk of India and Pakistan. We have never
supported war and terrorism to promote in our state. History is a
testimony of the fact when tribal invasion took place, we have helped
from India to bring peace in our country and deport them back to

The New Year is a celebration for the whole world but we have
witnessed hundreds of deaths, bands and destruction and what not. Our
politicians within coming days will come up with press statements on
the eve of New Year in such a way that nothing has happened in
Kashmir.  To whom are they betray people or themselves. The
established shops have been opened in Kashmir to tarnish the image of
Kashmiris at the global level and get the income generated out of this
all without people’s mandate. No strategy is working in Kashmir for
the cause and betterment of Kashmiris. All tactics are been running to
kill, destroy and loot the Nation with such a strategy that Allah has
send all those people as the Vicegerents  to direct and guide the
inhabitants travelling in a ship amid cyclones from decades.

This is an old saying that “Justice delayed is justice denied”.
People want to know from the Indian leadership whom always talk
Kashmir as an integral part of India: to what happened Aasia and
Nelofar of Shopian case? What about Kunan Poshkar Massacre? Why Civil
Killings are not been controlled in Kashmir? Why pellet guns are not
stopping amid court directions? Why Intellectual class is joining the
higher ranks in militancy? It is obvious that when state system has
failed to deliver the justice in Kashmir, other heinous crimes and
uncertainty will be its outcome. The India must admit Kashmir as a
political issue and facilitate all the stakeholders to come up with a
policy, strategy and solution of the Kashmir issue without unnecessary
delay. The solution of the issue is the ultimate remedy of the
problem. We know that medicine is available in the market but wrong
diagnosis of the problem cannot cure the patient.

Let everybody celebrate New Year, we congratulate and pray for all
the people living in the globe and expect to remember us also in your
prayers.  We also wish to celebrate all the auspicious days but unrest
and atmosphere have annihilated our desires to celebrate.

Author: He is a Social Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal and
Currently Studying at Jamia Al Mustafa (s.a.w) International
University Qom Iran.
He can be contacted