NC has no moral authority to speak against Tasaduq Mufti’s induction in Cabinet. Er. Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/12/2017.

Asks people to fight collectively against dynasty rule

Srinagar 30 Dec: Rejecting and ridiculing NC’s charges against Tasaduq Mufti’s elevation in the state cabinet by calling it nepotism and imposition of dynasty rule, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that Mufti Dynasty is not the only one thrusting dynasty politics over Kashmiris. While interacting with people of various shades of opinion in Srinagar today Er. Rasheed said “NC needs to be reminded of its weak moral ground before accusing Mehbooba Mufti of imposing dynasty rule. NC and congress both have been involved in shameful act of promoting nepotism and dynasty rule spread over a Spain of more than fifty years. When Sheikh Sahab surrendered plebiscite movement and took oath as Chief Minister, he was not member of any house and had NC been truly against dynasty politics it would have given a chance to someone outside Sheikh family when Sheikh Sahab breathed his last and Farooq Sahab was made Chief Minister. While New Delhi for strengthening its weak grip over Kashmir has been promoting and encouraging few dynasties from 1947, Tasaduq Mufti’s elevation has to be seen in context of its long term policies to curb voice of Kashmiris and ensure that except few rubber stamps no genuine saner voice emerges on the political scenario of J&K. These dynasties including Sheikhs and Muftis have always represented New Delhi in Kashmir rather representing Kashmir in New Delhi. These dynasties have been acting as crises management tools of New Delhi and with the blessings of the masters have suppressed the voices emerging from gross route”. Er. Rasheed added that while Delhi sponsored up-liftment of sheikh and Mufti dynasty is known to all, unfortunately few dynasties from resistance camp have started following footprints of Muftis and Sheikhs. The bureaucrats in  civil and police administration are not lacking behind  and are working day and night to ensure that their near and dear ones replace them and make sure that kids   common  don’t find it easy to show their talent”. He reminded people of the state of their duties towards providing a clean, indigenous and people centric political leadership. He said “While common masses are fully aware of the evil outcomes of the dirty dynasty politics but unfortunately Kashmiris have been made to believe that nothing can happen without the blessings and consent of New Delhi. The people need to be reminded that no power on earth has the potential to defeat wisdom, commitment and intentions of the masses, as such Kashmiris must get up to the occasion and carry a revolt against bunch of these dynasties who have not only deprived people of the state of a peoples platform but their monopoly has caused damage to Kashmiris at all fronts.