Seclusion of Sheikh Mushtaq Trali

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/12/2017.

Seclusion of Sheikh Mushtaq Trali

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad 
Srinagar, Dec 18: Battle of life finally  you lost

Left every one in gloomy mood
Past you lived in unutterable worries

No one came to your rescue

Disconsolately and aloof  youth you lived

Contentment end was your fate
Wearing jeans was your dress code

Khan dress appearance left you untainted

Kind hearted was your logo type

Left every one in mourning and despise way
Blood relatives enchained you every time

Chums catch every drop of blood in palms
Drastic change from no where to some where

Janat legions awaiting in rows
World is the trek of despair  and desperate

We embrace it but you left
Walking over roads to Masjid and market 

Beads of rosary fingering in continuum
Every one is crying and sorrow stricken

Before no one comes to kudos
Rest in peace in abiding place

Call me when I am in mood
Author is a resident of Kuchmullah Tral and can be mailed at

[email protected]