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By Fast Kashmir on 21/12/2017.

Sopore on Cross roads
Sadaf Khursheed
Srinagar, Dec 21: The prosperity of Sopore town in the past was the reason of it being known as Chota London.
This town has produced an impressive number of people who have excelled in diverse feilds.However with the passage of time Chota London changed into Chota Afghanistan for the rebellious character people grew with time.
Till 2014 Sopore remained a hot bed for anti India sentiments and thus may be the reason that sopore was somehow neglected from the point of development.
“I was born in 90’s in Sopore and I have seen the worst things happening.I have seen my counterparts in the other part of the valley not coming under the influence of politics as we had.For me all political parties even the separatist hold the same place .
Wewere neglected on every front and now I totally feel alienated from the feeling of Azadi, local politics and all. Anything that matters to me is now I wish to see my town prosperous again”, said a resident.
The alienation of people of the town from the political ground made the leaders at state to either cancel the development projects or divert them to other towns.
Sopore has also been a place that never saw any kind of festivity when any MLA wins or any other kind of election rally.
A local shopkeeper while talking to Kashmir News Bureau lamenting on the fate of Sopore said that “it’s because we people from the beginning supported Resistance movement, the politicians are punishing us.
The whole of the town has become a dumping site and authorities do not care about the development projects here.” (KNB)