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By Fast Kashmir on 19/12/2017.

Srinagar City fails to impress
Rameez Makhdoomi
Srinagar, Dec 19: Cradled in the lap of regal mountains of the Himalayas, Kashmir is considered among the most beautiful place on earth. On visiting the Vale  of Kashmir, the capital city of Srinagar forms the focal point .
But the recent credible surveys which have  listed Srinagar among the  most dirty cities of India   not only have pained the soul of all Srinagarites  but has caused many jitters among Valleyites.
 Srinagar, the picturesque city of lakes, gardens and hills, founded by King Pravarasena II around 10 BC, has been slowly witnessing degradation in terms of development.
At 241 rank in cleanness, Srinagar is just presenting a very depressing picture.
Choked streets due to traffic jams, failed drainage system, roads in Shambles define the present day Srinagar city which many say is slowly being converted into urban mess.
Valleyites are terming this shabby ratings of Srinagar in terms of parameters of development  the result of disappointing performance shown by the several developmental bodies concerned with the development of Srinagar.- Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Lakes and Water ways Development Authority (LAWDA) And Srinagar Development Authority are criticized in this regard of failing the people and landscape of city.
Farooq Ahmad Matoo, a senior citizen said, “ All the  related Departments have utterly failed in changing the shape of summer capital-Srinagar towards betterment. Srinagar fails to impress as a quality City from every parameter. It is high time for the concerned departments to wake up from the slumber and change the face of Srinagar towards betterment. 
Atleast the efforts should be to place Srinagar among top 100 cities of India.”
Youth of the Kashmir Valley are also expressing their anguish over the lackluster performance of Srinagar as City in terms of overall development.
 Kumail Mir, a student said, “The people and concerned departments should take an honest pledge to change the ground realities related to  developmental scenario of Srinagar  which is currently  quite abject towards betterment”.
The realities of time call upon all the stakeholders to work untiringly to mitigate the sufferings caused to Valleyites on account of this under- development of historical Srinagar city. (KNB)