Srinagar turned into Traffic Hell, incumbent SSP proves disaster

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/12/2017.

Malik Sajid| FILE PHOTO

Srinagar, Dec 11: As on Monday Kashmir woke to the end of long dry spell with welcoming rain drops it was not happy Commuting in Summer Capital Srinagar courtesy Defunct traffic system.

Pertinently, despite lofty claims by Traffic Department under Tahir Saleem to revamp the overburdened, messy traffic system of Srinagar nothing has been achieved on ground zero as pain faced by commuters has become order of the day.
Students to other professionals all suffered on account of these never ending traffic jams which have now become a virtual norm.

Many missed their flights today courtesy pathetic traffic Jams and had to suffer a lot.
From uptown to Downtown everywhere roads were choked with stranded vehicles not able to move and Jams continued for the whole day.

”I missed my flight courtesy grueling traffic jams as our traffic department looked miserably out of place. Who will return my precious academic year back as i had to go through exams,” stated Saima.
“Commuting or moving out in Srinagar has become hell despite lofty promises made to improve. Today everyone is struggling to commute on streets of Srinagar. People missing flights, roads jammed, water logged, vehicles stranded have become ugly symbols of our mismanaged traffic system, stated Manzoor Ahmad, a commuter.

Masses opine that traffic situation in Srinagar has got from bad to worse and nothing effective seems to be working for the traffic department to ease out same. When the women cop had took over the charge of traffic affairs in Srinagar sometime back things had improved but now they have drastically changed. (KNB)