The canard and series of lies spread by one Shafi Ahmad Wani against Half widow in local newspaper strongly refuted

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/12/2017.

The canard and series of lies spread by one Shafi Ahmad Wani against Half widow in local newspaper  strongly refuted


Any expert can find that his borrowed dictionary word “Half widow” has nothing to do with our internationally acclaimed script .

Wanies attempts to steal identity and hide termination of his service providing job contract for his own failures shall be presented at relevant place


Srinagar 8th Dec: While strongly refuting the series of lies spread by one Mohd Shafi wani against half widow in local newspaper Mr.Farooq Renzushah said that he has also got my name referred in his wrong briefing to the newspaper .He clarified that Half widow has assumed dictionary word status Globally and through various films ,documentaries as well as social media .Even 8 years before on National TV Half widow documentary was telecasted which is on you tube still and any one can watch .In Hyder also Tabu is Half widow .He said Same Shafi Ahmad had borrowed this word &published novel five years before.

It in necessary to make it clear that we are first to get proper official registration of this title word as Film Title from relevant organization applicable for registration of such Titles He said we were interested earlier to use his book for other feature but when our expert team found this book is not worth for any use ,we dropped the idea and conveyed in writing to him in specific terms that his book can’t be used by us for any of our film .He should have posted that termination letter which he kept secret to hide his shame .Even it is laughable that the script of provocative version and maximum chapters filled with speachs of identified leaders without copy right by him in his book ang ugly language can’t be used by any responsible international Art film. Our Film is based on art and absolutely non commercial .Any expert of high repute can read both our confidential original script and his paid published Book when he once posted on FB his false claim he was told to come and read our absolutely different script which he has always avoided because he wants identity for some ones else script and trying to befool others only through title which is not his too.

Accordingly our Half widow believes in Love rather than vengeance .Art film can’t be film of vengeance which Mr.wani has unfortunately presented along hate in his Versions .Even power- publishers are not legaly his publishers as they disown such material as per legal terms .When he has not read our script nor seen film how he makes false claim to befool some .He made futile attempts to black mail and seek money for no service and used awkward methods to spread the false rumours directly or indirectly after observing great success of our Half widow film He was going from person to person trying to exploit title of his version to make people believe that our Half widow is based on his book .We want to make him clear that if he is able to prove one dialogue or one scene or one character of our Art film resembling with his book he may kindly refer one such dialogue or scene or prove it in right forum till then how can he make any claim to satisfy his black mailing tactics by spreading canards .We challenge him and provide him chance to read our script to prove any resemblance of any name of character ,any scene or any dialogue with even single chapter of his unregistered titled book .Since our script is confidential but we feel it apt and necessary to submit it in any forum to absolutely counter his misleading version based on his appetite of identity for the script which he can’t even imagine in dream of dreams to pen it down .We are constrained to put this in record so that any misgivings which he tried to create are neutralized and by putting in record at right forum our original script of Our Art film .He has to be answerable for repeatedly spreading lies ,canards and Half truths for half widow. We are proud of all our well wishers who have already found full truth of our Half widow.