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By Fast Kashmir on 06/12/2017.

The Sufi wealth of Kashmir
Sadaf Kursheed
Srinagar, Dec 06: The spread of Islam in Kashmir has been a long process carried out by the Sufi saints who came from the different parts of central Asia and finally settled in Kashmir or the original inhabitants of the valley. The whole valley is home to many Sufi shrines and many famous are in district Baramulla including the Sufi shrine of Janbaz wali and Baba Shakar din at watlab Sopore.
Janbaz wali was a prince from a royal family of Ishfan Iran who left behind all the luxurious of his life and came to Kashmir with some 1200 followers some 665 years ago and took a large number of people into the fold of Islam.The shrine of Janbaz wali is located in Khanpora Baramulla (Khawanpora in Raj tarangni which means place of eating)
 Kalhan in his book Rajtarangni gives him the name of Annapurna which means food giver he used to serve food to a large number of people.This shrine is famous as people of all religions be it Muslims ,Sikhs or Hindus visit the shrine.People pray and when their wishes are fulfilled, according to the customs cook a special type of khichidi  in a big vessel(daighwhich consists of some 2-3 hundred kgs of rice ,moong dal and chicken and this dish takes approximately 1 day and 1 night to cook and when ready is served to people as Tabrukh.The urs of Janbaz wali is celebrated on 24th Rabi ul awal(3rd month of Islam calendar) every year.The people of Khanpora have high regards for the Sufi saints as he was instrumental in bringing the Islam to the area.Any new officer who is posted here never misses to visit the shrine be it army police or administration, narrated Mohd Shafi Akhoon,ex-general Secretary Aukaf Committee Khanpora
Another shrine which is of historical importance is the shrine of Baba Shakar din at watlab Sopore.There is a wooden door at the entrance of the shrine which is believed to have some magical powers as locals tried to relocate that gate to again find that door in the same place next day.The gate as per the locals was gifetd to Baba Shakar din by Baba Rishi who was rhe  assistant of the former.The shrine welcomes people from all faiths .It’s also believed that in 870 Baba dug a grave for himself and was buried in the same grave when he left this world.Every year the urs is celebrated on 27th of Jamadi ul Sani and large number of devotees turn up on that day and pray during the whole night. Baba Shakar din is believed to be originally from district Budgam and was more inclined to spiritual knowledge from childhood and in this connection received knowledge from two famous saints Sheikh Noor din wali and Hazrat Zain.ul din Reshi.He is said to have warded off the evils to save the valley from destruction. At the shrine one can have the whole glimpse of Wullar lake as this shrine is situated on a hilly area. (KNB)