Which religious organization leads us a perfect way. (Unsolved Religious Concepts: A Weapon)

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/12/2017.

Which religious organization leads us a perfect way. (Unsolved Religious Concepts: A Weapon)

Sheikh Minhaj Larvi

Here and there, and day and night our religious preachers and Maulanas are introducing new religious organizations time and again, with different concepts and ideas of Islam. If we all follow the same religion, we accept that Allah the Almighty is one, Religious book is same in every organization and the Messenger P.B.U.H, we follow and love with fervor is one. Then why different organizations with different paths, ideas and concepts.

In day to day happenings I notice the lectures of Maulanas from different organizations, it seems there that our Maulanas and preachers are in race to prove one another wrong.

Religious leaders, Maulanas and preachers are accepted as the way and guide to reach the religious destination and adopt the proper way, but nowadays it looks like they are using the innocence and religious sentiments for achieving their political goals, fame, faith and money.

It will not harass me here to say that so called Maulanas are more corrupt than that of mainstream political leaders and brokers and are using mosques and shrines as political stage to gain heights and publicity.

Somewhere such activities of these leaders and preachers reflect their deputation from agencies to divide Kashmiris and Muslims on basis of religious beliefs.

They are using religion as a tool and weapon for their publicity, business and cash collection. Nowadays religious organizations introduced themselves in a way as they are political organizations and are having same manifestation, agendas and style of working.

It is high time to notice that Anti-Muslim organizations are very weak to implement divide and rule policy, but our preachers divided us with very ease and in a smooth way, and we are fighting with one another for religious beliefs without keeping in mind that we belong to the same religion.

We target one another on the name of Jamati, Hanafi, Barelvi, Ahli- Hadith, but we are not mentally prepared to bring all these organizational heads in a face to face discussion and clear the unsolved concepts once forever and hammer these preachers either to adopt a sincere and true way or leave.

If such a situation persists in our valley, time is not so far, we will wrap up the religion and religious beliefs with our hands.

As I know raising this issue can prove harmful still I humbly request the intellectual class of the Valley that raise a collective voice against the issue and help everyone here to know and taste the truth, true and pure religious knowledge.

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