Yasin Malik along with a team manages to reach Kupwara, Handwara

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/12/2017.


Pro-India politicians are responsible for killings of innocents. Why are innocent Maisera Bano and Asif Iqbal killed in cold blood and what is the sin of little Maryam who has been deprived of mothers love by the Indian occupation// JKLF chairman M Yasin Malik

Srinagar, Dec 26: pro-India politics and politicians are responsible for killings of our innocents. Why are innocent Maisera Bano and Asif Iqbal killed in cold blood and what is the sin of little Maryam who has been deprived of mothers love by Indian occupation. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while talking to people at Thandipora Kupwara and Younus Handwara toady. Earlier JKLF chairman along with a delegation comprising of JKLF vice chairman master Sheikh Muhammad Afzal, Leaders Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Ghulam Muhammad Dar and M. Afzal Mir reached Younus Handwara early morning today. Yasin sahib and others started their journey at night and offered Fajr prayers at Sopore. They arrived at Younus Handwara at about 7:30 am and went to the house of martyred Women Maisera Bano. Yasin sahib met with her bereaved family which included her six months old baby girl Maryum. The family and neighbors of martyr Maisera told JKLF chairman on that fateful day Indian forces had brought some people in custody to the place and staged a fake encounter there killing many in cold blood. Maisera Bano who was preparing night meals for her family and as she stepped outside her residence she was also shot at and killed brutally. Her family tried to take her body inside but forces stopped them from doing that and it was only after the rise of dawn that killers left the place and family was able to recover her body. After meeting with the bereaved family of Maisera Bano, JKLF chairman and his team left for Thandipora Kupwara where killer forces murdered young innocent Sumo Driver Asif Iqbal .Yasin Sahib met with his bereaved family and expressed solidarity with them. He then visited the martyrs graveyard and addressed a gathering also. In his address, JKLF chairman said that innocent Kashmiri men and women are falling to the bullets of Indian occupational forces that fear no prosecution and enjoy immunity provided by so-called rulers. He said that all pro-India politicians, political parties, leaders and assembly members are responsible for this genocide as these are the people who provide license to kill to these killers and shield their crimes against humanity by passing and incorporating appropriate laws and decrees. JKLF chairman said that killing innocents under the garb of encounters and putting properties to flames is exposing the brutal face of Indian democracy in Kashmir. He said that Kashmiris want to ask these pro-India rulers and their Indian masters that what is the sin of six month old Maryam who has been deprived of her mother’s love by trigger happy Indians. We want to ask these so-called democrats and champions of human rights that for what crime they snatched the lives of innocent Maisera and Asif iqbal. JKLF chairman said that as a living nation we should remember these sacrifices and never let our selfish interests to take over us. We cannot forget the blood of our martyrs, our innocents as sobbing of little Maryam and Azra will always recall us the tyranny and cruelty of the oppressors, said Yasin Malik. JKLF chairman said today butchery is being celebrated and blood of humans is being treated as the cheapest commodity, but civilized humans especially leaders keep tightlipped to safeguard their trade and economic interests. This apathy and double standard of the international community visa vise the poor nations like Kashmir is actually making this world more dangerous and unsafe place to live on and we appeal to international community to shun its negative attitude towards fellow humans.

While paying rich tributes to martyr Noor Muhammad Tantray of Tral who embraced martyrdom yesterday, JKLF chairman said that blood of martyrs will never go waste and Kashmir will always remain indebted to these great souls. JKLF chairman expressed solidarity with the bereaved family of the martyr.