21 Members participate in discussion on Demand for Grants of Horticulture Deptt

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/01/2018.

21 Members participate in discussion on Demand for Grants of Horticulture Deptt


JAMMU, JAN 17: Around 20 members participated in the discussion on demand for Horticulture Department grants here this evening.

Mohammad Yousuf Bhat initiated the discussion described the Horticulture as backbone of state’s economy. He said this sector helped to keep economy stable even during the tough times faced by the state. He said government is committed to uplift this sector and presenting a separate budget for horticulture bears testimony to its seriousness.

He said High density plantation launched by the government will prove a game changer for the socio-economic condition of the people associated with the sector. He called for introducing High Density plants in Shopian constituency in view of huge potential of the area. He called for expediting work on Satellite fruit Mandi and protection works around it taken up at a cost of Rs 28 crore at Shopian.

He also called for establishment of Mandi for Dry fruit at Shopian. He also called for establishment of sale stores, better traffic management to ensure transportation of fruit from orchards to the market, including through Mughal road.

Haji Rasheed demanded upgrading of infrastructure and better freight transport in his home constituency Sopore, which he said is the largest producer of Fruit. He called for taking immediate steps for creation of infrastructure for the transportation of fruit from orchards to the market.

He said the sub standard and fake spray oils have ruined the fruit industry and urged the government act tough against the perpetrators. He said the frequent traffic jams on the roads leading to Fruit Mandi affect the transportation of fruit and urged the government for road widening that leads to the Mandi in Sopore. He said there are many shops vacant in the Mandi and called for allotment of the same to the deserving people.

Dr Krishenlal while taking part in the discussion also expressed concern over sale of fake and sub standard spray oils in the market. He also urged government to hold special training program for the orchardists to enable them to adopt scientific methods.

He also called for taking steps to ensure more marketing facilities for the farmers so that they can sell their fruits on better rates. He urged the government to revive the nurseries that are lying defunct in his constituency.

Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen while taking part in the discussion said horticulture is the only industry that supported the states’ economy in peak turmoil years of 90s when all other sectors were shattered.

He suggested for preservation of traditional and natural fruit types including Ambur, Naakh etc by setting up its nurseries. He said Kashmir was known for these varieties of apple and hence these need to be preserved as the High Density plants are replacing the old varieties.

He also called for making available better marketing options, in-house special training programs for orchardists and liberal funding for early completion of Khan Sahib Fruit Mandi.

Mubarak Gul called for regulation of fruit rates to save the orchardists from losses. He said with the import of dry fruit from other states and countries, the local farmers are getting badly hit. He urged the government to regulate the prices of the fruits to save the local industry.

He also appealed government to allocate liberal funding to agro-industry and include it in the recent subsidy schemes enable this industry to flourish. He said uplift of Horticulture industry and the allied activities including processing of Juice, packaging and other fruit dependent industries will accommodate a good number of employed youth of the state.

Mohammad Khalil Bandh urged the government for early completion of work on fruit Mandi Pulwama. He said 80 percent of people are dependent on this industry in his constituency and availability of market facility would help them greatly. He called for liberal funding to the sector as according to him horticulture industry can help in overcoming the problem of unemployment in the state. He also called for establishment of Dry Fruit Mandi in the area.

Mohammad Amin Bhat while taking aprt in the discussion urged the government to have a lift irrigation scheme for the orchards in his constituency as there is a huge crisis of irrigation.

He said his constituency produces walnut in abundance and urged government to establish a dry fruit Mandi in Kond area where the land is available for free. He also asked for constituting a monitoring committee and a special task force to curb the menace of fake spray oils.

Bashir Ahmad Dar while taking part in the discussion urged the government to intervene at every level to develop the horticulture sector while describing the sector as the jugular’s vein of the state’s economy.

Shakti Raj Parihar said that development of horticulture guarantees bright future for the farmers. He urged the government to organise awareness camps with regard to High Density plantation and usage of spray oils and to educate the orchardists about the modern and scientific techniques for better yield. He also called for providing modern farming tools on subsidized rates to the orchardists. He also called for establishment a fruit Mandi in Doda and construction of Water Harvesting tanks to ensure better irrigation for orchards.

Asgar Ali Karbali urged government to give industry status to the Horticulture sector. He said there was a nursery of different fruits in Kargil district some decades ago but there is no such nursery in present times. He urged government to establish an Apricot research Centre in Kargil.

He urged government to lift ban on the export of fresh apricot, establishing processing unit for packaging of Apricots and cold storage. He also called for import of modified roots so that Apricot can be grown in other colder regions of the Ladakh region. He said it would help to increase overall yield.

Altaf Ahmad Wani said people are switching to horticulture sector as paddy is not generating income for them and urged the government to allow the people to convert agriculture land into horticulture land. “If agriculture is not yielding good returns to them (farmer) why should farmers opt for it?” he asked and urged the government to allow the conversion.

He urged the government to come up with a better policy for marketing of walnut in the state. He urged the government to work on the marketing of various fruits and dry fruits so that people can sell their product on better rates.

Yawar Ahmad Mir, while taking part in the discussion, said despite having largest Fruit Mandi, the Horticulture sector is in dilapidated condition in Baramulla district.

He urged government to develop the Sopore Fruit Mandi on modern lines and modernise Doabgah Juice plant so that it can be turned into profit generating unit.

The legislator also appealed the government to provide better irrigation facilities to the orchards and introduce High Density Apple Plants in Baramulla district.

He called for creating awareness among orchards with regard to spray schedules and other cultivation techniques, besides creating awareness with regard to the insurance schemes and other related schemes. He urged the government to focus on promotion of other fruits including strawberry, Pear, walnut to diversify the horticulture import.

Dalip Singh Parihar, while taking part in discussion, said that Bhaderwah produces Ambri apple, walnut and other fruits but less focus is being given towards the area. He appealed for establishment of a fruit Mandi in the Bhaderwah and also urged the government to introduce High Density plants in the area . He also urged government to provide more green houses and other agricultural tools including power tillers etc to the people of his constituency. He demanded 100 percent subsidy for construction of tube wells for better irrigation facilities. He also appealed to have Fruit Bema policy on pattern of Crop Insurance Policy besides declaring Bhaderwah as Apple Town.

Mohammad Akbar Lone while taking part in the discussion hoped that the Horticulture sector would touch new heights under the guidance of present Minister for Horticulture who hails from a region which is high fruit producing area. He urged upon the government to restore the lost glory of this industry and take steps to ensure better yield in the sector.

He called for proper management of the production, packaging, transportation, marketing and processing of fruits. He also called for increasing the quantity of tools being provided to the farmers and orchards on subsidized rates. He also called for waving of KCCI loans at the earliest and revival of Juice processing unit in Doabgah Sopore.

Sukhnandan Kumar urged the government to take steps to curb the sale and marketing of fake spray oils. He said Mudd is largest producer of leachy in Jammu and appealed government to announce a Mudd village in his constituency so that focussed attention was laid for its development.

Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar urged for creating awareness among farmers with regard to implementation of modern farming techniques.

The legislator also called for providing subsidy to the farmers associated with the production of cherry, grapes, strawberry for quick transportation to the market as it has less shelf life.

He also urged government to introduce High Density Plants in Ganderbal district, drip irrigation in Kandi belt of his constituency to increase fruit yeled in these areas.

Javid Hussain Beigh called for promotion of new variety of fruits adding till now the successive regimes have focused on apple only. He urged government to focus on increasing the yield of other fruits as well.

He said the local market will face more challenges in future as better quality apples are coming in the market. He urged the government to concentrate on the quality regulation so that the state’s fruit can compete in the market. He urged the government to make Baramulla fruit Mandi functional at the earliest.

Davinder Maniyal called for promotion of citrus fruit in Samba. He said the area has huge potential but lacks marketing and processing facilities. He urged the government to take initiatives for better marketing of this fruits in the market so that more income is generated.

Shah Mohammad Tantray urged the government to make the Fruit Mandi Poonch functional this year. He said a lot of fruit is rotten owing to absence of a fruit Mandi in Poonch area. He also appealed the government to announce establishment of a walnut village in Poonch as it produces a good amount of walnut. He also called for filling vacancies in horticulture department Poonch.

Abdul Majid Larmi also urged the government to provide liberal funding for early completion of Jaglipora Fruit Mandi. He demanded early release of relief for the flood affected orchardists of his constituency.

Abdul Rahim Rather urged upon the government to devise a better marketing facility for sale of walnut. He also urged the government to develop High Density walnut nurseries in Kokernag area and establish a walnut orchard on the pattern of High Density Apple Orchards.