3.09 LMTs PHH, 2.24 LMTs NPHH ration being provided in 22 districts: Zulfkar

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By FK WEB DESK on 22/01/2018.

Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Mr Zulfkar Ali informed the House that government is providing 309623.35 Mts and 224692.20 Mts ration PHH and NPHH respectively to all districts of the State.

He further informed that as per the records available there 238420 rationees under AAY, 1428563 under PHH and 1053726 under NPHH.

Replying to a question by Legislator Sat Paul Sharma, the Minister informed that the entire ration being supplied through FCS&CA is provided by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) at the rate of Rs.300 per quintal PHH Rice, Rs. 200 per quintal PHH Wheat, Rs. 830 per quintal NPHH Rice, Rs.610 per quintal NPHH Wheat, Rs.2500 per quintal MMSFES Rice, Rs. 1835 to Rs.2132 varies from time to time MMSFES Wheat.

The Minister said that after the implementation of NFSA in the State, the department received 1041118.72 Mts Rice and 398453.34 Mts wheat from the centre under different schemes including AAY, PHH and NPHH. He further told that the department has paid approximately Rs.1374 crore to FCI and recovered Rs 1207 crore from the consumers.

Mr Zulfikar Ali elaborated that the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department is predominantly a service department and has not undertaken any commercial activity for profit generating. However, the department has an effective system of accounting and the accounts are frequently audited by the Accountant general, J&K and the Finance Department through its Audit and Inspection wing. Besides the recommendations of Public Accounts Committee the Government has decided to get the proforma accounts prepared from 1998-99 onwards by engaging the services of a Chartered Accountant and the matter is under correspondence with the Finance Department.

With regard to the details of the households in Jammu city, the Minister said that there are 125141 households registered here with 53781 poor and NPHH in Jammu west constituency. He said that the department has adopted a certain criteria for inclusion/exclusion of the households.