Accountability, transparency first causality of Political uncertainty in state: Hakeem Yaseen

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/01/2018.

Accountability, transparency first causality of Political uncertainty in state: Hakeem Yaseen
Urges to check Bandarbaant of public money in blocks

Jammu, Jan 13: Saying that continuing long spell of political uncertainty, especially since 2008 , has created void vacuum of mistrust and suspicion in the state, Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Yaseen Saturdays called for all corrective measures to win back hearts and minds of the people .

In a statement issued to KNS, he said accountability and transparency in the administration has been the main causality of this political unrest where nepotism, favouritism and corruption is ruling the roast.

Speaking to media persons, after participating in discussion on next year’s Budget proposals in Legislative Assembly, Hakeem Yaseen said that political uncertainty created in the state, by raising contentious issues like abrogation of Article 370 and 53-A by a vicious circle, has given rise to an atmosphere where remains of the whatever accountability and transparency has become the first causality.

He has called for effective measures to restore confidence and trust among the people about rule of law adding that utterances about tinkering with emotional issues like Article 370 and 35- has not only unnerved the common people but also shaken their faith on the institutions of justice and democracy.

He said it was most unfortunate that some myopic political parties, for petty political gains, were playing with the emotions of the common people, not caring about its fatal consequences for the national interests.

Hakeem said unless people’s confidence on rule of law was restored, state can never witness any progress and development.

He alleged that absence of accountability in the administration, has given rise to unprecedented favouritism and corruption in offices and execution of various development works especially in rural development department.

Hakeem said there was no accountability in sight at block level. “Plunder of public money goes on unabated and ‘Bandarbant’ of funds in the name of development works under MGNREGA was going on at an alarming level. He urged to stop this plunder of public money at the earliest.

Hakeem alleged that the concept of Single Line Administration , introduced for balanced and equitable distribution of funds at district level , has been deliberately buried in the ground by vesting exemplary powers to the bureaucracy as compared to Ministers and legislators.

He accused that the Special Marriage Assistance Scheme introduced by the government has become totally defunct though it was a good step toward welfare of the economically weaker sections.

“Similar is the case with the scheme about waiver on Kissan credit cards adding that maximum number of cases have not been settled as yet any where particularly in district Budgam,” he said. (KNS)