AIP condemns restrictions on Er Rasheed on republic day

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/01/2018.

Aang Saan Suki’s presence on republic day parade has hurt everyone……..Spokesperson

Srinagar 26 Jan: Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) has accused state police stooping low by harassing Er. Rasheed on eve of India’s Republic day. Party spokesman Adv. Maajid Banday in a statement said that policemen kept on knocking the main gate of Er. Rasheed’s Srinagar residence since early morning and around 8 am SHO Rajbagh entered the residence and asked Er. Rasheed not to leave his residence till the Republic Day parade is over. The said SHO left and Policemen in civvies were deployed outside the residence. However when later in the day Er. Rasheed left the residence to attend some programme, policemen in civvies followed him throughout the way and put questions none of their business to him. Spokesman said, “The police action has yet again exposed the myth of democracy. Those claiming J&K to be getting benefitted from Indian democracy must realize that the real power in J&K lies with the men in uniform and public representatives are just like rubber stamps. However such dirty actions of the administration would strength our resolve to continue our fight for a peaceful resolution to the dispute”. Spokesman asked New Delhi to introspect why was Kashmir looking like a desert while India was celebrating the republic day. Spokesman also expressed his deep anger and anguish over the presence of Myanmar’s Aung saan Sukyi in republic day parade in Delhi, who is responsible for genocide of thousands of innocent Muslims. Spokesman said that by inviting her New Delhi has not only hurt sentiments of Muslims but all those who believe in humanity and harmony.