An Encroached Heritage

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/01/2018.

An Encroached Heritage

Nature has a significant role to play in our day to day lives whether biologically or environmentally.

We depend on nature in every possible way and a great source that not only provides us oxygen but has many other essential roles to play in our lives.Yes!

Trees has been a backbone in human civilizations not only today but even in the past as well.

So it’s our responsibility to take care of them in a way that’s not only protects them from cutting uneccesarily but we should encourage plantation on every possible level because we are directly or indirecty dependent on trees and plants.In Kashmir Chinar is considered as heritage tree of Kashmir.

It is one of the oldest tree in the Kashmir valley but unfortunately human habitation in Kashmir has not only encroached river bodies but also Chinar and other trees are being encroached.

Our team have witnessed that in many places in the Kashmir valley especially one spot we found at Lal Nagar chanapora chowk where almost the whole shops had covered the Chinar tree which depicts a bizarre picture of human encroachments on trees.

Even the government bodies had not taken a single step to free the encroached trees in the valley nor considered those shops illegal.So we want to tell the official bodies to kindly look into the matter and take a definite action against the encroachments or atleast issue a public notice against the owners of these shops.

But it should be mentioned here that it’s not only the role of government but every civilised citizen should do their bit to create a voice against the human encroachments on chinar’s in the Kashmir valley as Chinar’s trees are now endangered heritage.