BJP MLA demands resolution against Pakistan in JK assembly

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/01/2018.

BJP MLA demands resolution against Pakistan in JK assembly

Sadaf Khursheed

Jammu, Jan 19: Ravendra Rana BJP MLA while speaking with the reporters after the assembly session in Jammu lashed out at Pakistan for funding terror and infiltration in Kashmir and pressed for passing a resolution against Pakistan.
Mr Ravendra Rana said that “Pakistan is time and again targeting the innocent people living on the border areas of India. They kill the innocent women and children in these areas which should be condemned by the assembly”.
Pakistan helps the militants to infiltrate in Kashmir and innocent youth are made target by these militants who make use of guns, bombs and bullets to create an environment of terror and violence and then the youth fall prey to these militants. And the same infiltrators are responsible for the bloodshed in Kashmir.
He further said that “Pakistan has no guts to face the Indian army and BSF and all they can do is back stabbing neither are the militants competent enough to fight a face to face war with the Jammu and Kashmir Police. Pakistan is using all tricks to weaken our forces which it won’t be able to do at any cost”.
While the Army, BSF and Jammu and Kashmir Police is doing its best to safeguard the country and borders and is always ready to give a befitting reply to any harm done by Pakistan to India.
The MLA said that he has taken up this matter with the assembly that a resolution should be passed against Pakistan declaring it a terrorist country so that it gets what it deserves. We have always tried to be as good neighbors but Pakistan is not behaving as such. I request that the centre should take some serious steps in this regard to declare Pakistan a terrorist nation to once for all end this bloodshed. (KNB)