Chenani-Nashri tunnel becomes prone to accidents

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/01/2018.

Chenani-Nashri tunnel becomes prone to accidents
Six major accidents witnessed inside since tunnel’s opening in April, last year

Srinagar, Jan 26: The Chenani-Nashri tunnel on Jammu- Srinagar highway is becoming more prone to accidents since the past months with people holding spike in the pollution levels inside the tunnel responsible.

According to the reports received by Kashmir News Service (KNS), since its opening last year in April, there were three major road accidents witnessed inside the Nashri Tunnel.

Merely two days ago, on January 24, over dozen vehicles collided inside the tunnel on Jammu –Srinagar highway, following an accident. The initial reports though suggested that the truck driver who rammed his vehicle into the pathway was sleeping while drivers, there were also reports that it was due to the lack of visibility inside the tunnel due to immense smoke that made vehicle to collide against each other.

On December 16, last year, a loaded truck met with an accident inside the tunnel which cause the disruption in the vehicular movement on Srinagar- Jammu highway for several hours.

On November 27, last year, two drivers were injured in a head-on crash inside Chenani-Nashri tunnel. That was the fourth accident inside tunnel during past four few months.

On November 23, last year, a head on collusion between bus and a car inside Chenani Nashri tunnel left four passengers injured.

On August 1, last year, a pedestrian was knocked to death by a seeding vehicle in the tunnel.

The passengers accuse that the ventilation system inside the tunnel doesn’t work properly due to which the visibility levels keep plummeting when there is a vehicular rush inside the 9 Km long tunnel constructed at the cost of Rs 2900 crore.

Earlier, CPI (M) leader and legislator who is head of the environmental committee of the legislative assembly inspected the tunnel and asked the NHAI to take immediate measures for controlling the pollution levels inside the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IG) Traffic Jagjit Kumar told KNS that the accidents inside the tunnel aren’t happening due to the low visibility  but by the irresponsible driving. He nullified the reports that  there is any low visibility inside the tunnel. “The accidents are happening because we see vehicles being driven at a very high speed inside the tunnel.


We make continuous announcements urging drivers to drive at safe speed to avoid any accident,” IG Traffic told KNS. (KNS)