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By Fast Kashmir on 15/01/2018.

Rameez Makhdoomi

Srinagar, Jan 15: It’s been almost now more than five  years since the traffic police in Kashmir issued a directive that the first eight seats in public buses will be reserved for Women. It was hailed as  sensible and positive move . Sadly enough many years down the line this directive is far from being implemented with brazen violations taking place everywhere.

It in a way calls for introspection from our society as well as to ensure eight seats for women traffic department had undertook several drives.

 As in majority of places this regulation is being violated thus women continue to suffer facing several hardships while standing in buses.

 On the other hand , rhe heavy overloading of public buses is making women easily vulnerable to pain and harassment while standing in the overcrowded buses.

Zainab Ara, a working lady while talking to The Kashmir News Bureau over this serious issue stated – “Women are not getting their promised right of 8 reserved seats in public buses and these seats are mostly occupied by men who don’t bother to get up.The society at large needs to do  introspection . Authorities especially the Traffic Department should launch more and more awareness drives to get the directive of eight reserved seats for women implemented in letter and spirit.”

Pertinently, all the voices of sense are hoping that at both Authority and society level soon this directive of eight seats becomes reality.

 On their part, the concerned voices argue that whenever they ask  the bus conductors  ‘why they don’t  ask the male passengers to give seat to ladies the usual reply is that they  express inability saying they wouldn’t listen to him.

For the moment, this directive of eight reserved seats for women in public buses looks more of a cruel joke than a relief based measure for women of Kashmir. (KNB)