DAK welcomes action against SKIMS doctors

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/01/2018.

DAK welcomes action against SKIMS doctors

Srinagar, Jan 07: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Sunday welcomed the removal of director SKIMS and suspension of three senior doctors for violating the ban on private practice.

“This is welcome decision,” said DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a communique.

“ JK government yesterday removed director SKIMS and suspended three senior faculty members after a sting-operation by a private television news channel showed these doctors treating patients at their private clinics,” he said.

DAK President said there is no choice of private practice in SKIMS as it is a non-practicing institute from the very inception.

“Private practice by SKIMS doctors was declared as a criminal offence by virtue of a criminal law (amendment) act of 2002,” he informed.

Dr Nisar said despite ban, doctors are openly running their private clinics. This illegal practice has been going on for sometime now and doctors enjoy complete  impunity.

He said  some years back, doctors were caught red-handed doing private practice by Vigilance Organization sleuths, but no action was taken.”

“This is for the first time action has been taken.”

Dr Nisar said private practice has eaten away SKIMS and is the root cause of mess in the premier health institution of the state.

“Patient care is the greatest casualty,” he said.

Dr Nisar said doctors spend most of their time in private clinics and are not available in the hospital. Their attention and time is directed more towards their private clinics. They give perfunctory treatment to patients in SKIMS so that they visit their private clinics. Doctors misuse the infrastructure and facilities for their private patients at the cost of poor patients who cannot afford private consultation.

“The menace of private practice has  plagued SKIMS with lobbyism and infighting that has hit patient care badly,”he said.