DFP remembers Sopore massacre, victims on 25th anniversary

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/01/2018.

DFP remembers Sopore massacre, victims on 25th anniversary
Condemns closing of Sopore case file

Srinagar, Jan 05: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party has said that justice continues to elude the victim families of gory Sopore massacre for the past 25 years whose near and dear ones lost their lives at the hands of Indian forces in the Apple town of Sopore on January 6, 1993.

Remembering the victims of Sopore massacre on their 25th anniversary Freedom Party said that 57 innocent civilians were massacred by the BSF men however, such massacres and bloodshed have failed to kill the freedom sentiment of Kashmiri people.

While saluting the pro-freedom stance of Zinda Dilan-e-Sopore, Freedom Party said BSF troops tried their best to eradicate the emotions of people but people of the apple town are still firm on the way of resistance.

The statement said that BSF men sprayed gun powder, petrol and kerosene on the buildings in Sopore and torched them after killing 57 innocent people.

Around 400 commercial establishments and 75 residential houses were set ablaze in five localities of Sopore by Indian forces who went on a rampage only because people of Sopore are known for their pro-freedom political stance.

Freedom Party condemned the closing of Sopore case file citing “lack of evidence”. There are countless cases like Sopore massacre where New Delhi has practically exhibited that it treats Kashmir as its colony.

Freedom Party appealed the rights organisations active on international level to come forward for the rescue of Kashmiri people who are facing all sorts of violations at the hands of the Indian forces. (KNS)