Dr Ahanger was attached because of his ‘innocence’: PDP leader

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By Fast Kashmir on 15/01/2018.

Dr Ahanger was attached because of his ‘innocence’: PDP leader


‘Attaching him for no reasons is totally wrong’

Srinagar, Jan 15: Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Zadibal, Abid Ansari on Monday said that the recently attached Director of SK Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Dr A G Ahanger is suffering because of his ‘innocence’.

Talking to KNS, Ansari said that the head of the institute was firstly called from outside the state to head the institute and then was attached for the guilt of others, which is totally wrong.
“I fail to understand that why was Dr Ahanager punished. I believe he hasn’t done anything wrong but is being punished because of his innocence,” he said, adding that he is being punished for no reasons.

“I don’t say whether he should be reappointed or not but the thing is he should not have been treated like this. He has approached to the Court, let court decide now,” he said, adding that it is true that he belongs to a poor family but he was on chair because of his performances.

MLA Zadibal also said that he is unaware about the facts when and how Dr Ahanger was attached. “I am not the member of the SKIMS governing body. As being an MLA of the area, I should have been informed prior to this development,” he said. (KNS)