Drug Addiction emerging biggest challenges in Kashmir 

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/01/2018.

Drug Addiction emerging biggest challenges in Kashmir 
Sadaf Khursheed

Srinagar, Jan 23: Years of ongoing conflict, identity crises, loss and disappearance of the loved ones due to conflict and Unemployment has given rise to one of the biggest challenges in Kashmir Drug Addiction.
Individuals begin to use drugs for various reasons. Some people use it to overcome medical pains and then addicted to them while to some drugs are an escape from their pressure of daily life, some take it under the influence of peer group while others take it because of the failed relations or not able to cope up with studies and some just for fun or curiosity which again turns into addiction .Reasons may be multifarious but this addiction plays a great role in ruining the life of our generations.
Data from Srinagar’s SMHS hospital shows that 85% increase in the number of drug abuse cases from 410 in 2014 to 759 in 2017. Also a United Nations International Drug Control Programme shows that in 2008 there were 70, 000 drug addicts in Kashmir out of which 4,000 were women and out of 70% students 26% are females.
Experts say that due to the geographical location of the valley drugs are easily available here and the cultivation of the poppy plant on large scale basis in some parts of the valley has aggravated this menace.
From cannabis to medicinal opioids to inhalants such as glue and paint thinner but mostly cannabis due to its availability youth are taking up. Even some people go to the extent of using shoe polish and fluids used in correction pens.
According to the Home Department Data, between October 2014 to 2016, more than 3800 people were treated for drug de addiction. The highest number of cases came from Srinagar (2,260) followed by Jammu (610) Anantnag (603) and Baramulla (391) and most of the admitted cases are of age group from 15-35 and of these 90% are of age group 15 to 25.
Drug addiction spoils human lives and also destroys the golden years of life. In addition to the impairment of brain, Drug addiction causes heart problems like disruption of heart rhythms. Often the injected drugs cause HIV, due to contaminated needles. Also there is high risk of Hepatitis B and C.
The valley of Kashmir has already been destroyed by the conflict and the rest of the lives are being destroyed by this menace. (KNB)