Education System in Kashmir Beset With Inherent Problems

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/01/2018.

Education System in Kashmir Beset With Inherent Problems
Srinagar, Jan 09: Education System has been revolutionized a lot all over the globe. The reality on ground is that our response in Kashmir in modernizing education system has been very slow and at this juncture of time, the education system of ours is facing several inherent problems.
The education system of the state is not able to promote creative learning and thus slaying the major objective of education, which is to promote creativity and proficiency.
We do not have much scope for the co-curricular activities in our schools as education system of ours fails to give them the required attention. On account of this achievements in sports field at global level are still not that much.
We are also using Rote learning which is widely used in the mastery of foundational knowledge. Examples include phonics in reading, the periodic table in chemistry, multiplication tables in mathematics, anatomy in medicine, cases or statutes in law, basic formulas in any science, etc. Rote learning, eschews comprehension and creativity, and consequently, it is an ineffective tool in mastering any complex subject at an advanced level.
Manzoor Ahmad, a  scholar stated  “The education system of ours is failing to cope up with modern challenges and as a result we are not able to produce many  creative and intelligent youth who will take our State forward into the golden age. Instead, what it mostly produces are robots that possess an astonishing capacity for storing facts and churning them out at the press of the right button.
Weneed an education system that appreciates Qualities like independent thinking, value judgments problem-solving ability, initiative, leadership skills and social competence fall by the wayside as getting high grades becomes their only goal.
Wedefinitely need series of radical reforms to make our education system best.” (KNB)