Exempt teachers from forced duty other then teaching: Hakim Yasin

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/01/2018.

Jammu, Jan 23: MLA Khansahib Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen has urged the need to introduce moral education in school curriculum, which he said was imperative to eradicate many social evils prevailing in the society.

   Participating in discussion on grants for education department in Legislative Assembly today, Hakeem Yaseen the school curriculum in vogue is devoid of moral education adding that this is one of the causes of degeneration moral values in the society. He also called for restoring respect and dignity of the teachers adding that should not be deputed for forced duties other than teaching.

    Hakeem Yaseen also urged the need for providing congenial teaching and learning atmosphere in educational institutions by way of providing  adequate infrastructure in schools. He also urged for posting of only experienced, honest and dedicated officers like ZEOs and CEOs adding that their posting should be kept above political consideration. He made a strong plea to regularize the services of seasonal teachers to make their future secure. (CNS)