‘Frozen Rush 2’ at Gulmarg

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/01/2018.

‘Frozen Rush 2’ at Gulmarg

A ‘disappointment’ for motor sports enthusiasts

Srinagar, Jan 25: The recently held ‘Frozen Rush 2 – A motor sports snow race event at Gulmarg Kashmir has been controversial, as many participants have blamed the organizers for un-“professional and biased” judgments throughout the event.

Majority of the participants said that they witnessed coercion and cheating during the ‘Frozen Rush-2’ event.   “Recently we were witness to such an event “Frozen Rush 2” at Gulmarg which was organized by Kashmir Off Road in association with JK Tourism, where decisions were made on the basis of patronage. How come organizers were marshals (referees) as well as the participants also. In what sport on earth does this happen, when according to the motorsports rules of FMSCI say “any autocross events shall have marshals designated and approved by the governing body i.e FMSCI”.

   “The judgment during the event was so vague that even the marshals had to look at the Chief Organizer for a nod whether a penalty counted or not. One of the  brilliant drivers Dr Taufeeq, who was fast enough to beat other participants timing, was purposely brought down to number 2nd in order to let their own patron win the spot, even though he was penalized twice but was written off once only,” they alleged.

     When contacted, Dr Taufeeq said that it was very disappointing that his position of being the champion was taken away by biased judgment and tampering of penalties.

    He also said that he wishes to see Kashmir on the Global Motorsports map, but the events held to do so should be very professionally managed.

   Nabeel Anwar,  who has been a regular winner for Snow Autocross events in Kashmir said, “I was forcefully made to run on track after sunset (even after my resistance), when the fact is that in no snow races ever any participant is allowed to run post sunset as the track becomes more icy and dangerous”

As disappointing it may sound; it was an ugly moment where a “guy from the organizing team goes on the rampage of bullying another guy for not being rich enough to pay taxes”.

The track in itself was a disappointment for the snow racers who had paid their entry fee for participating on snow tracks and got their vehicles accordingly which are suited to run on snow,  but they were made to run on black ice formed on tarmac which obviously risked the lives of drivers participating in it.

   Participants who questioned the condition of snow and track were politely told to “either leave it or take it” and no refunds.

   There was no categorization of cars even when there should have been, keeping in view the nature of the track which was not pure snow as advertised by the organizers while taking entries.

   Jubair Beigh, a spectator and enthusiast motorist who had travelled all the way from Mumbai to witness this event said, “I am sorry to say but i will never come to an event like frozen rush. I was really disappointed to see how the event was organized. Also the fact that I had travelled all the way from Mumbai just for the event, but unfortunately i was disappointed because it was not a fair play rather not a fair race event ….it was a total hoax…. sorry to say.”

The event was supposed to be a promotion for Jammu Kashmir Tourism which right now needs more attention than ever.

   “The organizers were ‘arrogant and rude’ with the local people of Gulmarg,” the participants alleged.

   “It was a win win position for the organizers in monetary terms and big lose for the promotion of motorsport and Tourism in Kashmir Valley.

The participants appealed Government and Department of Tourism in particular to take note of the irregularities that came to fore during this event, so that the motor sports enthusiasts don’t hesitate to come forward for such events in future.

   Terming these allegations as baseless, the founder of Kashmir Off Road, Mr Ali Sajid told CNS that it is surprising that such allegations are being leveled after a week.

   “Terms and Conditions were clearly specified and every participant had gone through those forms. It was clearly mentioned who will be the Marshalls. Besides, every participant was shown the race track,” he said adding that this is disheartening to see people leveling baseless allegations.  (CNS)