Government not in a mood to improvise the condition of Sopore Town

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/01/2018.

Government not in a mood to improvise the condition of Sopore Town

Sadaf Khursheed

Srinagar, Jan 01: Sopore which is now synonym with affronted, dingy, impoverished and what not and an area which is becoming a center of political negligence saw no development from last so many years and for the people of the town .

New Year brought no new hopes as they know nothing new is going to change for them in the present year 2018 as well. While many parts of the valley lit up with celebrations, Sopore had its own never changing woeful narrative to tell. Everything in the town presents a picture of gloom and fogginess, a story of being punished for having a different political ideology.

Fruit Mandi: Sopore houses the second largest Fruit Mandi in Asia and the government apathy towards the development of the Mandi has led to the outrage by many people associated with fruit business as for them the bad condition the Mandi has forced many of them to either leave their business or to look out for other alternates. “although this Mandi is of great economic importance to the people, the condition is not up to the mark, we time and again have requested to the successive governments to look into this matter but they are paying no heed,” said Ghulam Qadir a fruit merchant.

Apple factory: in spite the apple juice factory can be a good source of income to the people of the town and that it can provide livelihood. Government is again not in a mood to improvise the condition of the same.
Bijli, Sadak and Pani, even these things of basic requirements in Sopore are a dream. While these things in other parts are still being povided even for fewer hours, here they show up only after days.

Traffic mess, while the police officials boast that there are personals that regulate the traffic, but it’s a blunt lie. Everyday traffic jams cause so much trouble to the people that now travelling even within the town has become a nightmare. Many pedestrians are of
the view that traffic jam has become so frequent that even to walk on the road is not a good option.
There are other concerns also that have become so grave in recent years that people now have left everything on the hopes of Almighty.

There are only a few people left who now raise their voices to talk about the discrimination but they too have gone into wilderness so for the people of Sopore new year would be that day when the problems of people would come to end, voices would not be silenced and that day there will be celebrations.(KNB)