Heart Disorders on rise in Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/01/2018.

Heart Disorders on rise in Kashmir


Srinagar, Jan 17:  As the winter has set in the rise in heart attacks can be evidently felt in Kashmir.9.4 million deaths each year, or 16.5% of all deaths can be attributed to heart problems.

Experts are expressing dismay over the fact that heart diseases are growing in Kashmir . Doctors from time to time have stated that with heart disorders from past over two decades are growing and all this revealed that the Kashmir region is likely to see an epidemic of cardiovascular disease.

If you are a shift worker, donating blood could be an easy way to reduce the risk of heart disease, says a study. The high incidence of heart disease seen in shift workers could be due to the tiredness resulting from the disruption to the body’s biological clock as jetlag has a severe effect on red blood cells.These effects can be counterbalanced by fresh, young red blood cells – making blood donations a potential therapy for shift workers, the findings showed.

Heart disease has an ugly face more die of heart disease than of AIDS and all cancers combined. By 2020, heart disease will be the leading cause of death throughout the world.

“Blood donations in humans also stimulate the generation of new fresh erythrocytes. Therefore, blood donations on a regular basis might be a very simple measure to help decrease the cardiovascular risk in human shift workers,” said Margit Egg from University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Dr. Yaser Sajad states – “The rise in heart ailments can be simply understood by simple facts. Cold temperatures cause arteries to tighten, restricting blood flow and reducing the oxygen supply to the heart, all of which can set the stage for a heart attack. n winters movement is less.. people prefer to stay in home.. and exercising is less.. Which causes blood to thickn.. leading to occlusion of the coronaries.”(KNB)