High Court directs Government to frame policy about heavy school bags 

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/01/2018.

Bilal Bashir Bhat

Srinagar, Jan 22: In a major relief to the school going kids, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court has directed the state government to frame a policy regarding the heavy school bags carried by kids on their backs on a regular basis.

Keeping in view the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Badrud Duja, the High Court double bench directed the government to frame a policy within three months.

The double-bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court comprising of Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar and Justice MK Hanjura acting on the PIL filed by Badrud Duja a student of Kashmir University asked state government to frame a policy for easing down heavy loads of school bags.

The PIL was filed in 2016 following which government through their counsel AM Mir, deliberated court upon government policy on heavy school bags and their decision to send expert committees to Delhi for framing best practical policy on easing heavy school bags.

Informing court “there is a big nexus between school authorities and books sellers which is the main cause of heavy bags” the petitioner Badrud Duja in 2017 filed contempt of court suit against Government for not implementing heavy school bags policy.

Now with the direction to state government to solve the matter and frame a policy up to Feb 2018, the bench has closed the case.

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau, petitioner Badrul Duja said, I’m deeply disappointed with the response of Government for not solving heavy school bags issue, which leads to many problems among kids like strained backs and necks in growing children, adding, if no concrete steps are taken by the government than I have no choice to hit the street to protest against this menace.

Pertinently, kids are almost left with no options than to carry heavy school bags to school or tuition. It has been observed since long that such a thing leads to strained backs and necks in growing children.

“Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to understand why children are complaining about their health, especially because they are at a growing phase.

This has become a pressing issue as most children find it difficult to carry such heavy bags and are often not strong enough. Despite all the progress in technology and science, the modern system of education could not come out with any other option where a student does not have to carry such heavy bags. It is not surprising then that children complain of back pain, neck sprains etc,” said Manzoor Sultan a teacher by profession. KNB