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By Fast Kashmir on 30/01/2018.

Islam imbibing soul of Humanity
Srinagar, Jan 29: Islam is among the largest religions of world with more than one billion followers throughout the world. In valley of Kashmir Islam made its way through peaceful preaching and the Sufi thought of love and harmony became the dominant one.
The valley of Kashmir with the inception of Islam did undergo many  changes at all levels and strata of society. Islam in Kashmir wasn’t result of some brutal and bloody conquest but by the efforts and toil of Sufi Saints.
The imprints which Islam left on Kashmiris have been rightly observed by the noted historian Prem Nath Bazaz “Politics had dehumanized the Kashmiris; Islam made them men again. Just as the Muslim rule was established in Kashmir without much bloodshed, so was Islam spread throughout the length and breadth of the valley by peaceful preaching and lucid persuasions of Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani(RA) and hundreds of the Sayyid Missionaries who came from Hamadan and other parts of Persia.
Unfortunately heavy bloodshed and violence has hurt the image of Kashmir  and destroyed the tranquility of Kashmir and sane voices call on more imbibing and spreading of sufi values to achieve lost peace.
Founder Chairman of Kashmir Sufism Society, Khwaja Farooq Renzu Shah, states – “ The great saints of Kashmir form the bedrock of our civilization and we are safe and complete  only due to knowledge, contribution of saints.They opened love and revolution doors for us .
Hazrat Bulbul Shah (RA), Hazrat Amir Kabeer (RA) , Hazrat Alamdar Kashmir (RA) etc. Their great ways taught us have defined path for our youth and that is path of love.”
One cannot ignore the fact that Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani was a Persian Sūfī of the Kubrawiya order, a poet and a prominent Shafi’iMuslim scholar. He was born in Hamadan, and was buried in Khatlan Tajikistan. He played a major role in spreading Islam in Kashmir and also influenced the culture of the Kashmir valley.
Muzafar Ahmad, a devote states – “ The `noor’ of buzurgan-e-deen spreads far and wide and the true, righteous way to lead life has been shown to us by our great saints and sages. They have taught us values of peace, love and tolerance which if followed can make us great again and end our sufferings .”
The nation of Kashmir and all muslim societies around the world should in letter and spirit the wonderful quote of Imam Ali (AS) A PERSON IS EITHER YOUR BROTHER IN FAITH. (KNB)