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By Fast Kashmir on 14/01/2018.

‘Youngsters need free space for grooming’

Srinagar, Jan 14: Vice Chairman of Waqf Board and senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat today called for interweaving youth development , community development and social change through youth organising.

Bhat was speaking at leadership conclave in Jammu organised by Management of prominent English Magazine Epilogue as an effort to bridging the divides. He said that engagement of youth for a positive discourse cannot become meaningful unless elders rest them as trust and allow them to be groomed in a free space.

He said unfortunately cynicism has entered in the young minds and they are living in depressive and disruptive atmosphere which soils their potential to grow and contribute. He said it is the duty of elders, their guardians , to focus on their growth , based on values and empowerment. Bhat said youth is globally participating in overall activities and are well taking societies forward by way of positive use of their energy and vision.


There are unfortunately some societies were a positive discourse is missing , youth is in revolt even with their elders and refuse to be part of collective culture and disciplined human behaviour. Some sections are facing perpetual dilemmas which give rise to unpleasant reactions and responses from them at their own peril.

Bhat said there is also an unfortunate trend from systems tending to exploit youth than believing in them as real trustees of present and future.


Hesaid Jammu and Kashmir youth have been sufferers of mistakes committed by elders and they are made victims of a backlog.

He said there has to be correction course through reforms , awareness , training , participatory mechanism and above all providing of opportunities to youth for harmonious personality development.

He appealed youth to make good use of opportunities through commitment and competition and with an idea of ownership. Bhat called upon elders to fulfil their responsibility of passing on positives and jettisoning negatives to claim a powerful , useful and contributory youth component.

Bhat said governments owe it to youth to ensure systematic changes for just , equitable and harmonious growth of youth so that they start trusting prowess of state for their orientation and development.


Those who participated in the conclave besides the learned gathering of academicians, intellectuals, journalists, social activists, students and politicians included former bureaucrats and police officers. (KNS)