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By Fast Kashmir on 24/01/2018.

Srinagar, Jan 23: Kashmir is known globally for its gorgeous natural beauty and in addition to unmatched natural beauty, the rich natural resources coupled with talented and entrepreneurial people are its features, but its economic development has not picked at all due to misguided economic policies, favouritism, corruption, conflict between India and Pakistan and political turmoil of decades.
On one hand, Kashmir has great capacity to harness hydro-electricity and does produce a great amount of electricity. But, inspite of these bright facets the power situation worsens as winter sets in and most of the areas of Kashmir are thrown into darkness with never ending load shedding.
Yasir Ahmad, an entrepreneur  while talking to KNB states –“The overall economic picture of Kashmir is quite bleak , the power generation in Kashmir, which is said to be capable of generating more than 20000 MW power, seems by and large a Delhi-controlled affair.”
Kashmir also possesses a varied number of rich mineral resources. Gypsum is found in ample quantity in the Chenab belt of the state. While as Sulphur is found in Pagga valley in Ladakh. The estimated deposits of sulphur in the State are 2,00,000 tons. While as large deposits of marble have been found at various places in Kashmir-Drugmalla, Zirahama, Oura and Trehgam in Kupwara district of Kashmir
The horticulture sector of Kashmir is also strong and the dry fruit production of the Kashmir Valley is also very ample. But due to lackluster governance we are not able to tap this bright potential.”
Pragmatic realities are unemployment rate is increasing abnormally. The industrial picture of the Kashmir Valley is quiet gloomy as majority of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are currently running in losses. The health sector of Kashmir is in shambles.
Sane voices are bamboozled by the fact that inspite of possessing great resources why Kashmiris are facing many hardships.
Drafting of efficient policies to tap resources, innovative economic policies in right direction coupled with fast track mechanism to solve the long pending Kashmir conflict would definitely help in improving the overall picture. (KNB)