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By Fast Kashmir on 24/01/2018.

New Delhi, Jan 24: Ministry for Home Ministry of India has said that on their advise, the Jammu Kashmir Government on November 23, 2017 had announced an Amnesty scheme for students and youth who were involved in incidents of stone-pelting for the first time.

   “Under this scheme nearly 3,685 students have got relief so far. More than 9,000 students are likely to be covered under this scheme,” said an official.

    The official said that this humanitarian step has been aimed at giving such youth/students another chance to rebuild their career without any stress of being labeled as criminals for the rest of their lives.

    Ministry for Home Ministry of India has now further advised Government of Jammu and Kashmir to constitute a high level committee headed by an officer of the rank of DG/ADG to review remaining cases of stone-pelting against students and other youth.

   “MHA is of the view that stone-pelting cases of non-grievous nature against the students and other youth should be closed/withdrawn so that they get a chance to focus on their study and pursue their career without any psychological pressure.”

    The official said that MHA has also advised the State Government of Jammu and Kashmir to formulate and new surrender and rehabilitate policy for militants.

    “The policy will provide them with economic rehabilitation and suitable training to run their own business and it will enable them to return to mainstream and lead a dignified life.”

   The MHA has also advised Jammu Kashmir government to form an advisory board to redress the problems faced by Kashmiri migrants, displaced persons of Pakistan administered Kashmir and Chhamb and West Pakistan refugees. The old and dilapidated Migrant camps for Kashmiri Pandits at Jagati and Talwara will be repaired and renovated,” the MHA official said. (CNS)