Mirwaiz Qazi yasir visits Kulgam to pay tributes to the slain youth, Furqan Ahmed and Khalid

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By FK WEB DESK on 12/01/2018.

Islamabad/ 12 JanDefying Restrictions and Police Patrols, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir reached the Khudwani area in Quimoh of Kulgam District in South Kashmir post Friday prayers today. Mirwaiz Yasir in the area was welcomed with Pro Islam and Pro Freedom slogans. He initially visited the house of Farhan Wani (16 year old Hizb) boy who was killed in the Kokernag Encounter and from there he led a Pro Freedom rally till the home of civilian Khalid who was killed in Khudwani at the hands of Government Forces.

The Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir today expressing anguish over continuous killings said the Indian state is not looking for peace in Kashmir. “It has an ego and conscience to satisfy and both are satisfied only by Kashmiri Blood,” Mirwaiz Yasir said. He said it is a high time for Indian common people to stop playing in the hands of their politicians who are befooling them in the name of terrorism, nationalism to deviate their attention from the primary issues or the issues of basic Governance. Mirwaiz Yasir said Kashmiri people are willingly giving up sacrifices for the cause of Freedom of Kashmir, the issues globally accepted and recognized.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that everybody needs to understand that the armed rebels are a part and parcel of this society. “Militants are our Kashmiri brethren who have taken up arms for their people,” Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said. Mirwaiz Yasir said that the state rather than running a parallel agenda to befool its own citizens should accept the real one which is that these Kashmiri men have been pushed to take up arms due to the denial of space for dissent and the lack of political commitment to resolve the dispute.

He said because of the political failures young people in Kashmir irrespective of gender do not shy away from showing their support to militancy, and stone throwing at encounter sites is merely an outcome of these constant failures. “Civilian Killings by any excuses cannot be justified,” Mirwaiz Yasir said. The Civilian was going to deposit his exam form and the Government Forces fired at him unprovoked. “His Father is a poor man, I spoke to him, how many more sons their fathers have to Give before India satisfies its blood conscience,” Mirwaiz Yasir asked.

He asked the people to refrain from contesting the elections be it any. He said Panchayat members over the years have been the most endangered species in Kashmir however despite that the Lawmakers cannot avail them security. It shows that the Government is not concerned about their lives but merely beating the drum of election to impress the Central Government and the Indian state to the world community. “If God is the Savior as the Local Government says, why do the lawmakers need security?” Mirwaiz Yasir asked.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said a seriousness is needed to resolve the blood drenched dispute and India and Pakistan need to come on the dialogue table, rather than appointing track 2 as the solution. “The Track-2 as intended to can contain a ground situation, but India needs to understand that there can be mo solution without the involvement of Kashmiris and Pakistan. “The worst sufferers in the war between India and Pakistan are the Kashmiri people,” Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said.

Mirwaiz Yasir urged the human rights bodies to look into the grave human rights violations that the Government Forces have been committing in the name of Cordon and Search Operations, Maintaining law and Order. Mirwaiz said the reports of civilian harassments from the dungeons of South Kashmir reach to him daily, he said the forces have been committing excesses in the name of conducting Anti Militancy Operations.

Mirwaiz at last demanded the release of Sarjan Barkati and other political prisoners including Shabir Shah, Ghulam Qadir Bhat, Mohammed Qasim Faktoo, Masrat Alam, Mushtaq ul Islam, Nayeem Khan, Mohammed Shafi Sariyati, Mehmood Topiwal, Fayaz Ahmed Talaq, Irfan Ahmed Khan, Mohammed Ashraf Peer and others.