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By Fast Kashmir on 24/01/2018.

Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Rajouri, Jan 22: Lacking even the basic amenities like supply of drinking water, electricity and dilapidated conditions of roads the residents of Peer Kanju a beautiful place which falls in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir are reeling under shambles from years, making it a glaring example of government’s slumber and apathy amid tall claims of equitable development.
The pathetic condition in the area due to utter negligence of the successive governments is turning the Peer Kanju into unhealthy place where pungent smells due to the presence of garbage piles in every corner are causing inconvenience to the locals and posing a major threat of infection.
Negligence in health care on part of the government is also a concern for the residents of the area, the non-availability of even a Primary Health Center in Peer Kanju defines the crisis in health care in area.
The basic amenities particularly the drinking water is a major concern for the inhabitants, according to locals they have been deprived of the drinking water supply and have to walk miles to collect drinking water from other places.
The high tension power lines pose another threat to life to the inhabitants of Peer Kanju, stride into any area or street the spectacle of clumsily set mesh of electricity lines near houses is a familiar sight.
The wires pose threat to the lives of locals particularly those in residential areas, the children are not even allowed by the parents to go to nearby ground/stadium for physical activities, following a boy was recently electrocuted from hanging wire, resulting in the loss of his arm.
The locals time and again are raising these grave issues with the concerned MLA, but yet no response has been given at government level which forces residents to live under shambles condition until government wakes up from slumber. (KNB)