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By Fast Kashmir on 14/01/2018.


Anantnag, Jan 14: Doctor, once considered as noble profession repeatedly comes under the radar for the insincerity of physicians towards the profession. 

Intermittently, reports about their norm-violation surface. People also seem dissatisfied and don’t consider doctor second only to God anymore.  

Amidst of this, there are many professionals that persuade us to change our opinion with respect to this profession. One such example before me and people of my town (Seer Hamdan) is Dr. Muksit Nadeem, lovingly known as “Nadeem Saeb”. He is an epitome of sincerity, humbleness, and punctuality, who makes a patient to forget his pain firstly by his accent. 
His personal and humanitarian qualities have made him so dear to everyone; it appears Seer hospital has only one doctor that is Dr. Nadeem. Working throughout day from morning to evening Dr. Nadeem ensures all patients are satisfied. Sometimes he serves beyond timeout so that everyone’s complaint could be heard and treated. 

As far as his prescriptions are concerned, he assigns a priority to get patients out of problem while keeping their economical condition in view. On visiting him a patient never gets feelings of being in Government Hospital but in a private clinic__The difference that some plunders have created. 
The faith people have in him can be sensed by the fact that old-aged in our family ,before visiting the hospital confirm first if it is Nadeem Sahib’s turn or not. To be precise, Dr. Nadeem like doctors give us hope that the noble profession is still a noble and doctor is a blessing of God to his human creature.